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Certified for success: Total Office’s path to building stronger customer relations with Planet Mark

Their clients wanted change and Total Office delivered it. Read how this business supplies company used Planet Mark to bolster client relationships, transform delivery operations and shift their gaze to a cleaner, more profitable future.

Certified for success: Total Office's path to building stronger customer relations with Planet Mark office space green
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The Total Office story

Total Office has been rooted in innovation for decades. Founded over 60 years ago, the company has provided clients with the highest quality business supplies for every type of office environment. Mailroom equipment, workwear or catering solutions, Total Office have the tools and experience to make office spaces *tick*.

Since achieving Planet Mark certification in 2022, Total Office has been making massive operational strides. A more sustainable, environmentally-conscious methodology has transformed operations for the better while inspiring others to follow suit. As we said, innovation is at the very heart of Total Office.

Key Statistics

  • Planet Mark certified – Year Two.
  • A specialised green product range that includes over 1,400 entirely recycled products, up from 200 in 2018.
  • Regular annual and quarterly forums discussing environmental direction and impact with staff have helped develop policy.
  • Gradual electrification of the fleet means Total Office is on course for a full transition and zero vehicle emissions in 2025.

Services included: Business Certification, Net Zero Strategy and Action Plan.

An in-built passion for change and innovation

In 2018, Total Office was at a crossroads. With 200 recyclable products and an evident passion for environmental issues, the brand was taking the right steps at the right time. However, despite this clear and decisive action, clients were demanding and expecting more. To the company’s surprise, many clients were even prepared to spend more money on more sustainable products.

The business supplies provider listened to their clients and made the decision to take decisive action. Five years later, it’s safe to say that decision was the correct one.

Taking the first steps on a sustainability journey

At the start of their journey, Total Office asked themselves how and where change could be initiated. Paper was a crucial element of their business, so there was space to search for an alternative, environmentally sound option. Gathering accurate data and educating their team were also vital steps if solid foundations for future environmental change were to be laid. Packaging, delivery and recycling were other areas that needed enhancing from a sustainability standpoint. 

There was plenty of work to do, but serious and impactful opportunities for change were there.

Jumping hurdles and road mapping solutions

The first step is always the toughest on the road to net zero. In an effort to make alterations to their methodology and processes, Total Office approached Planet Mark for help. Our tailored Business Certification and comprehensive Net Zero Strategy and Action Plan have given Total Office the tools needed to make a huge difference for themselves, their clients and the planet.

Collecting and analysing the data

Thanks to robust data collection and supply chain analysis, Planet Mark helped Total Office understand where its emissions really lay. Packaging, recyclability and diesel and petrol fleets clearly needed addressing, as did enhancing the product range to include more environmentally-conscious items.

Engaging staff and communicating credibly

Educating and engaging with Total Office’s workforce on the environmental challenges facing the brand was another essential step. Planet Mark-run engagement sessions laid a path for behaviour change at all levels, alongside a sense of collective ambition. What’s more, Total Office’s ethos of honest, transparent communication has allowed the brand to credibly convey its sustainability journey to both staff and clients.

Achieving validation and rock-solid certification

With Planet Mark, Total Office achieved the validation and certification their clients sought. The opportunity to share their commitments and progress has helped the brand explore new business possibilities, cultivating a financial and environmental growth culture. Ultimately, it was up to Total Office to make the following decisive changes. We’re happy to say they delivered, working to reduce their carbon emissions year-on-year and securing long term relationships with their clients.

Our experience with Planet Mark has been excellent over the last couple of years. We felt Planet Mark was the right partner the minute we met them, they shared the same ethos and the same passion. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody.” – Adam Thompson, Director

We encourage people to sign up with Planet Mark. We’ve introduced our own clients who are on the same journey to Planet Mark to help because we feel they’re the right partner.” – Adam Thompson, Director

Leading the charge with decisive action on sustainability

With the expertise on their side, Total Office took concrete action to shake up their processes and become a more environmentally-conscious organisation. Here are some of the most significant changes over their period of Planet Mark certification:

Fleet electrification

After purchasing high numbers of electric vehicles over the last few years, Total Office are on track to owning a fully electric fleet by 2025. That means cleaner air for their employees and clients in London and zero fleet emissions from deliveries.

Package free delivery and recycling

The brand has created a package-free delivery service, supplying products through a crate method chosen by the customer. The result is less packaging and higher rates of recycling and reusability, as well as green delivery slots on offer for clients.

Woodland Trust paper

Introduced in 2018, Total Office’s more sustainable Woodland Trust-certified paper has been particularly well received by clients. The use of this paper has resulted in more trees being planted in the UK and has highlighted that customers are willing to invest more in sustainable options, reflecting their satisfaction with such choices.

The green catalogue

The creation of an entirely green product catalogue has given customers a much wider choice, resulting in a large portfolio of environmentally friendly products for their clients. The product range has grown from 200 to 1,400 since 2018.

The introduction of green audits

Without transparency, impactful change is unattainable. Total Office has created a green audit, helping new and old clients compare more sustainable products in the workplace to their current ones. This audit is geared towards building a long-term relationship, where both Total Office and clients work together to reduce emissions.

Incisive reporting

Total Office now reports quarterly to several clients on deliveries and their carbon impact while working with them to consolidate deliveries. In the majority of instances, clients have been willing to shift to a weekly delivery service and lower emissions.

These decisive actions, along with the validation and verification from Planet Mark, have made Total Office both more resilient and more profitable.

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