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Bringing together the best of people, technology, and nature, we assist in measuring your organisation’s carbon footprint across scopes 1, 2, and 3, identifying reduction solutions and aligning targets with the SBTI Corporate Net Zero Standard.

  • Data Platform
    Simplify tracking and recording of your data and view associated emissions in real-time.
  • Forecasting Tools
    Make informed decisions on future consumption using real-time data, with actionable insights to manage your emissions.
  • Scope 3
    Efficiently track and record data across all 15 scope 3 categories, with our integrated supplier upload function for effortless data submission.


What is net zero?

Net zero is a term used to describe the balance between emitted and removed greenhouse gas emissions, crucial for stabilising the climate and mitigating severe climate change impacts. This balance is essential to prevent global warming beyond 1.5°C from pre- industrial levels, making net zero the cornerstone of long-term sustainability strategies.

Achieving net zero involves measuring emissions associated with activities (scopes 1, 2, and 3) and reducing them by at least 90% by 2050, with a 50% reduction by 2030.

This requires collaborative efforts with suppliers and customers to collectively diminish associated carbon emissions. Planet Mark can help you achieve your net zero ambitions through our Net Zero Programme and growing collaborative community of certified organisations.

Net zero is a term we use to describe what we as organisations need to achieve in order to stabilise the climate and mitigate the most dangerous impacts of climate change.

Net zero is a balance between greenhouse gas emissions being emitted and removed from our atmosphere. Net zero is the only credible long term approach we have to solving

Why start on your net
zero journey?

  • Enhance your reputation as a business by showcasing your credible climate action.
  • Reduce costs by tracking your utility bills and swapping to green tariffs with the help of Planet Mark’s carbon management consultants.
  • Build resilience and competitive advantage with Planet Mark’s help to identify risks and opportunities.

We value a transparent and authentic approach to sustainability. Planet Mark’s third-party verification for our carbon impact and social value helps us demonstrate our credentials, benchmark our progress and proudly show our pledge toward continued improvement.

Our stakeholders can be reassured by our commitment that fits with our wider strategic aims: to achieve net zero; to green our supply chains; to embed a culture of sustainability throughout the wider group and to minimise waste.

Clare Clark

Head of Sustainability, CH & CO


What are the
business benefits?

Cost Reduction

Our net zero programme helps you identify hotspots to cut carbon and cost by tracking utility bills and transitioning to green tariffs with the guidance of our carbon management consultants.

Stakeholder and
Investor Assurance:

We deliver a credible and trusted net zero programme that addresses stakeholder and investor requirements by presenting a longterm sustainable business strategy.


We help organisations on the journey to net zero build future resilience against market and global disruptions and stay ahead of the regulatory curve by identifying risks and opportunities.

Confidence in Results

With our end-to-end support, built on a 10-year heritage of helping hundreds of businesses on their net zero journey, you can ensure we are the right partner to help you achieve net zero.

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How it works

Planet Mark Certification

Optional at any stage:
  • Leadership education 
  • SECR & ESOS Energy audits

  • Start making progress right away
  • Access to all Planet Mark Member resources helps simplify the process
  • Compliance with UK legal requirements

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Frequently asked

How do you achieve net zero?
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Achieving net zero requires measuring all carbon emissions associated with your activities (scopes 1, 2, and 3) and reducing them by at least 90% by 2050, with a 50% reduction by 2030. The key challenge and opportunity lie in collaborating with your suppliers and customers to collectively reduce mutual carbon emissions related to the products and services you buy and sell. Planet Mark can enable you to achieve your net zero ambitions through our internationally recognised Net Zero Programme.

What are the business benefits of the
Planet Mark Net Zero Programme?
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Planet Mark’s Net Zero Programme offers a host of business benefits. Through our programme, your organisation can achieve an elevated business reputation and reduce both carbon and costs, while addressing stakeholder and investor requirements.

Building resilience against market disruptions is facilitated by proactively identifying risks and opportunities, providing members with a competitive edge rooted in certified net zero action. Our 10-year expertise ensures end-to-end support for consistent carbon reduction aligned with your organisation long-term sustainable business strategy.

How does Planet Mark’s Net Zero
Programme differ from others?
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The Planet Mark Net Zero Programme is internationally recognised and endorsed by the UN Race to Zero. With over a decade of experience, we provide tailored solutions aligned with global standards and guidelines that support radical carbon reduction and cost savings.

As a widely trusted net zero provider, we are committed to supporting you through evolving business and policy changes. Our collaboration with policymakers ensures we are ahead of the curve, ready to have your back in every situation.

How does Planet Mark’s Net Zero
Programme help my organisation
contribute to the UN-backed Race to Zero?
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As an official partner of the UN Race to Zero campaign partner, when your organisation commits to net zero with Planet Mark, it receives automatic acknowledgment from the UN. This provides a global platform for your business to join a recognised effort in addressing climate change through net-zero commitments.

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