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  • Accurate and transparent carbon reporting across Scope 1, 2 and core Scope 3 emissions
  • Trusted sustainability certification
  • Over a decade of expertise
  • Anti-greenwashing assurance
We chose Planet Mark mainly because of the team but also the credibility that they bring. We really like the framework that they work with

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Unlocking the benefits of carbon reporting through certification

Carbon reporting involves measuring and disclosing the amount of carbon emissions produced by a business. Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step on your journey to becoming net zero. By becoming Planet Mark certified, it helps your business: 

  • Implement an effective carbon reduction strategy.
  • Stay ahead of legislation and mitigate risks.
  • Eliminate greenwashing.
  • Boost operational efficiency while saving costs.

Empower your
sustainability journey

Streamline your data collection

Simplify data collection with our multiple-user data platform. It’s designed to make data collection simpler and less time-consuming, ensuring that the process is accessible to all stakeholders.

Communicate with transparency

Our reporting empowers you to present your carbon footprint data clearly and comprehensibly. With on-hand tailored support at your fingertips, we act as your shield against greenwashing, giving you the confidence to communicate your sustainability efforts effectively.

Ensure compliance

You stay ahead of the regulatory curve. We’ll guide you through changing carbon emissions reporting requirements. With over a decade of expertise, we ensure your company avoids the pitfalls of non-compliance.

Take the first step to net zero

Get a baseline to help understand your current emissions and identify areas for improvement. This is your foundation for setting credible reduction targets and taking meaningful steps towards net zero.

How it works

  • Starting your carbon emissions measurement journey and identifying what still needs to be measured is the best first step on your journey to net zero.  
  • Streamlined data collection: Import your data onto our platform, where our dedicated team independently verifies it to industry standards. Our robust data collection and reporting includes Scope 1, Scope 2, and core Scope 3 emissions, providing the best start to your measurement journey.

Take the first step and book a free consultation with our experts.

Our knowledgeable team will gain a deep understanding of your specific needs, challenges and objectives, helping you chart a sustainable path forward for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a sustainability certification for business mean?
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The Planet Mark Business Certification is a recognised symbol of sustainability progress. It demonstrates a business’ commitment to measuring and reducing their carbon emissions, ultimately contributing to their environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. The certification means that you can report your progress to stakeholders with confidence.

What are the requirements to achieve certification?
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You receive Planet Mark certification once carbon emissions have been verified. You can also choose to measure your social value as a more holistic view of your global impact. You are able to renew and retain your Planet Mark through quantifiable reductions of carbon emissions on an annual basis after year one.

What are the business benefits for holding a sustainability certification?
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A recognised sustainability certification gives businesses a competitive advantage and improves brand image. It can reduce costs and ultimately ensures a future-proofed business. It also helps to attract and retain talent as more employees are looking for ethically responsible workplaces. Combined, the benefits of holding a sustainability certification improves a business' triple bottom line covering profit, people, and the planet. The regenerative economy will support and reward those organisations that truly contribute to society and the planet.

Can you help us to reach net zero?
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Yes, our net zero solutions will demystify the subject of net zero carbon emissions and will support your business to reach it. No matter what stage in your net zero journey you are on, from committing to a target to creating the action plan needed to get there, we can help.

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Can you calculate is social value?
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Yes, social value is the net social and environmental benefits generated by an organisation to society through its corporate and community activities. These are reported as financial performance. You can choose to measure your social value contributions alongside carbon measurement through Planet Mark, revealing your full sustainability story.

How does a Planet Mark certification help with compliance reporting?
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A certification helps businesses to understand and integrate environmental standards into their wider sustainability strategy. Along with compliance to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 requirements, our certification helps your business to contribute to nine UN SDGs and addressing 19 SDG targets. Measuring your carbon emissions along with your social value contributions can strengthen your ESG strategy.

Can you help with Carbon Neutral commitments?
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Yes, we can support members to achieve Carbon Neutral status by offsetting any unavoidable emissions through projects around the world.

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