How Six Females are inspiring positive change in the Built Environment.

Meet our female-led Built Environment team decarbonising and inspiring positive change in the industry.

Keisha Sintim-Lewis
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With UK Construction Week (UKCW) underway we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our all-female Built Environment team. It’s an exciting time for the built environment industry to increase its positive impact; and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this movement with our all-female team.

In the built environment, women are less presented. The UK’s construction workforce is currently only 1% female, and although this number has been rising over the last few years, it doesn’t reflect the number of women who are geared up and ready to get involved.

Our team is leading the way in helping developers, builders, contractors, architects and interior designers across the industry to transition into a net zero and low-carbon world.

Meet the Planet Mark Built Environment Team

Our Built Environment team focus their expertise within the sector to decarbonise the built environment (which contributes 40% of annual global CO2 emissions) and support their transition to net zero.

With a dedication to improving local community buildings, they work on social value and community engagement to ensure that all Planet Mark-certified buildings are tackling decarbonisation as well as societal issues.

Our Built Environment team inspires change and collaboration within the community. They share their knowledge and experience to build the confidence of those they work with to start their sustainability journey.

In 2021 alone, we achieved 44,847 embodied tonnes of CO2e reduction and 129,225 operational tonnes of CO2e reduction through our property and development certifications.

Lara Shear, Head of Built Environment Sales

Lara’s has been with Planet Mark since 2019. Her timely promotion from Senior Sustainability Manager to Head of Built Environment Sales will support Planet Mark to steer developers, contractors and project managers to create higher impacts with low carbon and net zero buildings.

Laras Shear’s drive to tackle climate change in the built environment began at an academic level. Lara studied at Kings College London and achieved a master’s degree in Climate Change: History, Culture and Society. In 2022, Lara went on to complete the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in Sustainable Real Estate course.

Lara is confident in leading the team and demonstrating best practices for whole-life carbon reduction to our members and the built environment. Her goal is to inspire necessary behaviour changes and drive increased impact through the supply chain and community engagement.

Isabella Valencio, Senior Sustainability Consultant

For half a decade, Isabella has helped hundreds in the built environment reduce their operational and embodied carbon emissions. After receiving an award-winning master of science in Sustainability Studies, Isabella has passionately supported the Built Environment decarbonise.

One of her proudest achievements is being part of the UK Net Zero Buildings Standard Taskforce. The task force is building a Standard to support those wanting to demonstrate that their building is net zero aligned with the industry.

Charlotte Bowles, Sustainability Consultant

With a passion to decarbonise the built environment at scale, from individual buildings to city masterplans, Charlotte has worked tirelessly pre and post-pandemic, helping developers such as Prologis deliver projects in line with the UK’s ambitious target for net zero emissions building by 2050.

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed as she sits at the forefront of change, working with UKGBC on their Task Group for the UKGBC Embodied Carbon Measurement and Reporting project.

Ella Revitt, Sustainable Business Executive

Pairing her interest in design, planning and architecture with her MSc, Environmental Sustainability, Ella set out her career as a Sustainable Business Executive supporting businesses in the built environment to embed sustainability into their everyday.

She brings positivity and knowledge to the existing team and is excited to make a meaningful real impact in this space.

Phoebe Armstrong, Junior Engagement Manager

Phoebe is a social value powerhouse, supporting the team with community engagement. After COP26, Phoebe became interested in the Department for Education’s Sustainability Strategy and how that would play a key role in educating businesses to reach Net Zero by 2050.

With the Built Environment being one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse emissions, she is committed to helping educate and engage the industry and its stakeholders.

Molly Cosgrove, Account Manager

For the last five years, Molly has put her passion for preserving the planet, landscapes and our natural ecosystem into action, working closely with hundreds of organisations to combat the climate emergency and drive long-term positive change. 

Being in a member-facing role, she had many conversations with business leaders inspired to make meaningful changes in the industry and is proud to act as a guiding light for change.

Planet Mark sits at the forefront of change.

The new era of our built environment team and Programme will only further elevate the existing impact we have made in decarbonising the built environment. Decarbonising the built environment will be a collective effort. We are proud that our female-led team are driving behavioural change and supporting the industry to make meaningful emission cuts.

Learn more about our Built Environment Programme here.

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Thursday 30th May 2024, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm