Decarbonising the built environment

Trusted by over 700+ forward thinking businesses

We take you from continuous improvement to transformational change.


Sustainable buildings with certifications sell up to 25% higher than less sustainable peers.

Our solutions

Our development certification is designed to help you make
informed and impactful decisions for your building’s lifespan.

Endorsed by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), we
empower developers to go beyond compliance.

Our approach ensures your building meetings standards and
enhances the society it serves by adding value to the local
community and contributing to economic prosperity.

Certify your property developments to demonstrate your
commitment to sustainability, strengthen your property value
and maximise your revenue.


Taking sustainability
to new heights

property value:

We’ll help you identify carbon hotspots for emission reduction, enhancing property value with targeted, sustainable solutions for effective planning and development.

Third party

Ensure a deep understanding of your building’s impact with a third-party verified life cycle assessment, covering both embodied and operational emissions.

Effective supply
chain engagement:

We’ll help you educate your stakeholders and suppliers and set the ground work for achieving next zero.

Communicate with

We’ll help you communicate
your carbon reduction
commitment with credible
data and messaging.

Our services

Design stage support

  • We provide early engagement for low carbon designs, fostering sustainable developments and communities.
  • Full support on design reviews, simplifying sustainable design and construction.
  • Innovative strategies to reduce carbon footprint and promote environmental responsibility in the built environment.

Real stories, real impact

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Frequently asked

What is a building life cycle assessment?
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A building life cycle assessment looks at a property’s environmental impact, considering its construction, use, and end-of-life phases.

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What is the difference between embodied carbon and operational carbon?
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Embodied carbon is associated with a building’s construction materials, while operational carbon relates to its ongoing energy use during its lifespan.

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What are the requirements to meet the certification?
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Planet Mark built environment certifications require the measurement and reduction of a building’s entire life carbon emissions. A Life Cycle Assessment is conducted by a Planet Mark-approved consultant to quantify this. We also require developments to meet specific carbon limits per square meter, which vary based on the type of buildings under development.

What are the benefits of my building holding a sustainability certification?
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Sustainability certification enhances your building’s market value, attracts environmentally conscious tenants, showcases your commitment to responsible practices, and can also contribute to reducing costs through energy-efficient and sustainable operational measures.

Can you help with net zero commitments?
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Yes, we can build a credible net zero pathway for your portfolio that aligns with your sustainability vision. Our approach aligns with the UK Green Building Council’s framework for net zero carbon buildings by measuring and reducing whole-life carbon emissions, at every stage from design and development to refurbishment and operational stage.

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