Decarbonising the
built environment 

A suite of unique certifications for a sustainable built environment that goes beyond compliance.


Over recent years, the importance of considering a building’s impact on the environment has undergone a fundamental shift. Design teams no longer operate in isolation from developers. Instead, the focus is on adopting a whole life performance approach. While efforts to reduce operational carbon in new builds have seen significant strides, embodied carbon requires equal focus to help reduce whole life carbon emissions and the built environment’s ultimate impact on the environment.

The Planet Built Environment Certification has been designed with this in mind. Our approach is centred around promoting the best whole-life decisions through robust standards. Planet Mark provides the tools and frameworks in line with UKGBC standards, empowering developers and contractors to make informed decisions that will impact their buildings throughout their lifespan. With our certification, businesses can measure and report on the outcomes achieved, making a tangible contribution to a sustainable future.

Whole life carbon solutions:

Design Stage Support

Our Design Stage Analysis will promote meaningful early engagement and facilitate the exploration of low carbon design solutions, which can be implemented within the design to help create more sustainable developments and communities. 

From critical design reviews and workshops, to providing support for planning applications, we are there to help every step of the way.

Development Certification

Designed in three simple steps – measure, engage and communicate – the Development Certification ensures every building can combat climate change and contribute to the society that it serves. Measure your whole-life carbon emissions through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to provide a clear, digestible breakdown of your whole-life carbon emissions against a notional baseline.  

Third party verification from Planet Mark adds rigor, consistency, and transparency to the LCA calculation, so you can communicate your progress with confidence.

We believe that every building, house, or development should have a positive impact on society and the environment; with a clear purpose in meeting the needs of the communities it serves. We engage with your supply chain to help you collaboratively achieve your goals and with local primary schools to enhance climate education.

Fit out and retrofit certification

Commit to greater rigor and transparency by measuring the carbon associated with fit out and retrofit. We provide a clear framework for identifying and delivering the most sustainable building through informed and expert advice of lifecycle, reusability, and end of life options. 

Property Certification

Quantify a development’s ongoing operational carbon footprint and set annual reduction targets. In doing so, we help you to engage and upskill staff onsite in sustainability and running their buildings more efficiently. We also support with communicating sustainability commitments and achievements to landlords, tenants and GRESB. 

Net zero buildings

We can build a credible net zero pathway for your portfolio that aligns with your sustainability vision and GRESB requirements. Our approach aligns with the UKGBC’s framework for Net Zero Carbon Buildings by measuring and reducing whole-life carbon emissions, at every stage from design and development to refurbishment and operational stage.  

Taking sustainability
to new heights

  • Quantifiable carbon reduction
  • Better performing buildings
  • Third-party assurance
  • Supply chain engagement
  • Comply with BREEAM and LEED
  • A credible, robust framework to inform decisions

Why Planet Mark

Our third-party certification will help radically reduce whole life carbon, maximise energy efficiency to reduce unnecessary costs and waste to produce a place that drives performance across environment, social and economic impacts.

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your buildings and support accurate reporting to reduce emissions across your portfolio, meet investor demands, enhance tenant engagement and improve investor transparency.

Join our movement for change

Net Zero Carbon Essentials Workshop

Thursday 28 September 2023, 9:30am - 12:30pm