Exploring sustainability in the cleaning industry: opportunities and challenges 

We hosted a roundtable with our members from the cleaning sector to uncover exciting opportunities and how to navigate the key challenges in promoting sustainable practices.

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The cleaning industry is no stranger to environmental challenges. Addressing issues like harmful chemicals and single-use plastics demands a united effort toward becoming a more sustainable company. So, we organised an insightful roundtable with our members from the cleaning sector, to discuss critical challenges, such as data management, plastic glove usage, and water consumption, to uncover actionable solutions for business leaders. 

Navigating the key challenges 

Several key themes surfaced regarding the cleaning industry’s sustainability drive: 

  • Environmentally conscious cleaning products, composed of biodegradable ingredients, emerged as a promising avenue, aligning customer expectations with long-term business growth. 
  • Energy Efficiency – automation and collaborative robotic cleaning emerged as potential game-changers, as they optimise efficiency while maintaining human involvement.  
  • Waste Management – discussions addressed the urgent need to reduce plastic waste, exploring alternatives like compostable gloves and reusable options.  
  • Water usage – recognised as a looming challenge, this spurred solutions such as communicating water-saving practices and integrating technologies for monitoring and minimising consumption.
  • Stakeholder engagement –   a recurring theme, emphasising transparent communication with clients about the value of more sustainable choices. 

Paving the path forwards net zero 

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How Planet Mark can help 

On the journey to sustainability, cleaning companies are finding a trusted ally in Planet Mark. The journey towards net zero starts with a fundamental step: measurement and understanding. Our Business Certification equips cleaning businesses with the tools to accurately measure their emissions, providing a clear baseline to evaluate their environmental impact. Armed with this insight, companies can engage employees, communicate their progress with transparency and strategically make informed decisions as they work towards achieving net zero emissions. 

Scope 3: how to navigate indirect emissions and improve data

Tuesday 23th April 2024, 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm