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UK Net Zero Business Census is live: Tracking progress towards a sustainable future​

Today marks a significant milestone in the fight against climate change as the largest ever national net zero business census is launched in the UK. ​

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UK Net Zero Business Census is live Tracking progress towards a sustainable future​
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Today marks a significant milestone in the fight against climate change as the largest ever national net zero business census is launched in the UK. ​

​Delivered by the UK Business Climate Hub, in partnership with Planet Mark this groundbreaking research initiative aims to establish a benchmark for the private sector’s contributions towards the UK’s national 2050 net zero target, with participation from businesses across the UK in the next two months. ​

Tracking Net Zero targets

The UK Net Zero Business Census aims to determine the proportion of businesses in the UK that have set their own net zero targets. By understanding the commitment levels of businesses, policymakers, investors, and leaders will have a clearer picture of the nation’s progress towards achieving its net zero goals. The survey will also assess the number of businesses actively measuring their carbon footprint and the actions they have taken to reduce it. This comprehensive data will be further broken down by regions, sectors, and business sizes, providing unprecedented insights for decision-makers.​

Driving business action

The coalition of partners involved in this initiative hopes that the census and the subsequent report will serve as a catalyst for business action. By sharing success stories and highlighting best practices, the census aims to inspire businesses to take significant steps towards achieving net zero emissions. Collectively, these actions will contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future.​

Setting benchmarks for policy makers

The data and insights from the census can inform evidence-based policy decisions. Policy makers can use the information gathered to develop strategies, regulations, and incentives that support the transition to Net Zero.​

Establishing Net Zero as a non-partisan issue

By establishing Net Zero as a non-partisan issue, the census helps foster cross-party collaboration among different political parties. The data collected can serve as a common starting point for discussions and create a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with Net Zero.​

“This is the most ambitious survey ever undertaken on the state of UK business’ progress to achieving Net Zero. Through working with so many like-minded partners, we will be able to reach thousands of businesses across the country to understand the commitments and actions they are taking to create a more environmentally sustainable future. We hope the results from the Census can inform the policy and investment decisions needed to secure business success as we transition to Net Zero by 2050.“ said Steve Malkin, CEO.​

Join the Census

The UK Net Zero Business Census is open to organisations of all sizes and industries based in the UK. The survey will be repeated annually to track progress over time and ensure ongoing alignment with the net zero target. You are encouraged to participate in this industry-defining research by completing the survey by 30th June 2024.​

Supporting partners

Planet Mark is joined by a coalition of esteemed partners in delivering the census. These organisations include the UK Business Climate Hub, Broadway Initiative, IoD, FSB, British Chamber of Commerce, CBI, Make UK, IEMA, National Grid, Electricity North West, BT, Barclays, HSBC, Sage, Innovation Zero, and Climate Action.​

The UK Net Zero Business Census is a vital step towards understanding and accelerating business contributions to the country’s net zero target by 2050. By providing a comprehensive overview of net zero commitments, carbon footprint measurements, and emission reduction actions, this census will inform policy and investment decisions crucial for transitioning to a sustainable future. Together, businesses can pave the way for a greener, more environmentally conscious society.​

Take the UK Net Zero Business Census 
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Wednesday 7th August 2024, 12:00pm - 1:00pm