Training & Upskilling

Building knowledge is critical to achieving a credible Net Zero transition.

Why investing in your people?

Building teams that are knowledgeable and feel confident in their ability to speak about and deliver this unprecedented ambition will be essential to reaching net zero. Supporting your teams with the relevant net zero training opportunities and the tools that they need, will help accelerate your journey to net zero, build trust in you as a leader and demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to tackling climate change.

Our suite of net zero training helps your teams understand Net Zero, enables them to play an active role in the transformation, and talk credibly about Net Zero to your customers and other external stakeholders.

We also help you build capacity and net zero maturity beyond your organisation and provide training aimed at external stakeholders such as your partners and suppliers. Doing so builds trust, loyalty, and unlocks new business opportunities with organisations who are also looking to reach Net Zero.

  • Saving money on ongoing consultancy fees
  • Increase your employee loyalty and retention, saving you time and money.
  • Building knowledge gives you competitive advantage in talking credibly about Net Zero to customers and other external stakeholders.
  • Build trust amongst your customers and other stakeholders in your capabilities to deliver on your net zero commitment.

Why Planet Mark?

Planet Mark is an expert in creating Net Zero competencies within organisations. We are committed to the success of our clients, and this is reflected by their positive feedback.

We have developed comprehensive training courses that have been delivered for the likes of Google, Barclays and the UK Government (BEIS).​ Our team of engagement experts will deliver positive, people focused training in the most accessible way that ensures organisations are best tooled up for embarking on their Net Zero transition.

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How to measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions

Wednesday 7th August 2024, 12:00pm - 1:00pm