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Techspace: embedding a sustainability strategy fit for their people, purpose, and the planet.

Techspace has taken vital steps to turn its sustainability goals into positive action.

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Over the last year, Techspace has worked with Planet Mark to create a credible roadmap to net zero with meaningful and robust targets. With people at the heart of all they do, Techspace has successfully aligned their sustainability strategy with their stakeholders growing interest and needs to ensure they maintain a strong relationship and are better placed to secure new business and investment.

Key Statistics:

Services included: Business Certification, Net Zero Strategy and Action Plan, Net Zero Governance.

About the Member:

Techspace is a forward-thinking flexible workspace provider with tech at the heart of what they do. Their workspaces offer a vibrant and engaging community for pioneering technology teams to thrive and an environment for changemakers to succeed. Their members are passionate about shaping the world now and in the future, and they are here to help their members prosper.

With a curated approach and passion for sustainability, they have created spaces specifically designed and equipped for forward-thinking teams to work at their best and create a positive impact.

Techspace’s journey to decarbonisation

Techspace embarked on their decarbonisation journey with Planet Mark to ensure they could bring their sustainability ambitions to life for people and the planet.

From their staff to the leadership team, Techspace saw a growing interest and passion in driving forward its environmental action. Similarly, the flex sector has seen a positive trend towards more forward-thinking stakeholders, with members criteria being geared towards sustainably astute workplace providers. They needed a partner that was willing to go the mile with them, and help them learn and grow with the process. With this in mind, Techspace set out to build a robust sustainability strategy aligned to its stakeholder needs.


Kickstarting its decarbonisation journey, Techspace partnered with Planet Mark to embed sustainability throughout its operations.Through our Business Certification, Net Zero Strategy and Action Plan and Net Zero Governance services, we helped Techspace develop a sustainability and net zero strategy that spoke to its people and purpose.

Throughout the process, stakeholder engagement sessions and employee energisers were critical to helping Techspace to engage its wider team, build momentum around its strategy and practice openness and transparency. It’s a fantastic example of how companies can bring everyone along on the journey.

Accountability was a core interest of the flexible office space providers and one of the reasons Techspace chose to work with us.

“We chose Planet Mark mainly because of the team but also the credibility that they bring. We really like the framework that they work with. It’s a framework that has been the sort of heart and soul of this whole initiative.” Jonathan Bevan – CEO

Our three-step process, Measure, Engage and Communicate, helps organisations walk the talk. We robustly measure meaningful action and help organisations engage and communicate their sustainability efforts credibly and authentically.

Techspace published its Sustainability Strategy and Net Zero Action Plan, leading the way for authenticity and transparency in their sector and ensuring their stakeholders can see their sustainability commitments.


With just one year of certification, Techspace has covered large ground in its sustainability journey.

Travel Policy

Techspace updated their travel policy to help reduce avoidable emissions when travelling between their London and Berlin Sites.

They have also introduced a Zoom-first policy to help their team be mindful when booking in-person meetings.

Net Zero target

Techspace has set credible targets to reach net zero, aiming to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by at least 90% by 2028 and measure their material Scope 3 emissions by the end of 2024. This will enable Techspace to develop a clear roadmap for reducing Scope 3 emissions, set associated near-term reduction targets, and identify an ambitious net zero target ahead of the UK’s Net Zero by 2050 target.

Worship Street

Techspace’s new site, worship street, is a lighthouse for the buildings to come from Techspace.

Techspace’s new site has implemented several initiatives to make the building more sustainable that they plan to roll out in future and existing buildings throughout the years. Some of the initiatives at the new site to date include:

  • Converting the gas building to 100% electric, renewable energy
  • Improving its energy efficiency rating to B
  • Getting outsourced heat pumps installed in the building
  • Fitting out the building to seat 350 members an increase by 42% to help reduce carbon emissions per head

In just a year, Techspace’s work with Planet Mark has transformed its sustainability ambitions to ensure the business has a strategic sustainability strategy that supports its stakeholder’s needs. Techpace has been able to engage its employees, clients and consumers to ensure alignment through the effective development and implementation of a robust Sustainability Strategy and Net Zero Action plan. Techspace will continue to pioneer as a transparent sustainability leader within the flex sector as its sustainability accelerates and will ultimately influence others to follow its lead.

To build your robust sustainability and net zero strategy, get Planet Mark certified.
How to measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions

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