Supply Chain Engagement

Embed sustainability across your value chain to achieve your net zero ambitions, mitigate risks and enhance your resilience.

What is Supply Chain Engagement?

As you strive for more sustainable business. It’s crucial to manage the impact across your entire supply chain. Why? Because up to 90% of emissions can occur within the value chain, highlighting the importance of supply chain transformation to your sustainability strategy and targets. In doing so, you can unlock the opportunities that a more sustainable supply chain brings.

How we help build a more sustainable, resilient supply chain

With our programme, you can access supplier emissions data, facilitate important conversations, and build capacity across your supply chain to reach net zero carbon emissions.

Supplier segmentation
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Our team will provide valuable insights into your supplier base, differentiating between companies that can disclose carbon emissions data, set targets and those that need more support on their sustainability journey. Understanding the significance and maturity of your suppliers will unlock a bespoke engagement strategy to help them align with your net zero ambitions and support emissions reduction.

Access to data  
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Unavailable or fragmented supply chain data makes it difficult to take the right actions. We will work with suppliers that make up 80% of the spend within your supply chain to collect data on an annual basis for carbon calculation. By having a comprehensive view of the supply chain, we can identify opportunities for emissions reductions, drive innovation and create a more sustainable and resilient value chain.We provide templates, guides and tools to help you determine where and how you can reduce emissions. Once you have completed the plan, our team of sustainability consultants will ensure the robustness of your carbon management plan and support you along the process.

Supplier seminars
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Without effective training, suppliers may not fully understand the importance of reducing their emissions or they may lack the knowledge and skills to implement sustainable practices. Through our bespoke training seminars, suppliers will be empowered to take climate action and support your organisation’s net zero goals. We will provide guidance on data collection and setting emission reduction targets while fostering stronger more collaborative relationships.

Supplier Communication strategy
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To ensure suppliers join and remain in the programme, Planet Mark supports you with a full supply chain communication strategy. By communicating your sustainability goals and objectives to suppliers and other stakeholders in the supply chain, your organisation can encourage collective actions, as well as identify and address any barriers or challenges to achieving net zero.

Business Benefits

  • Improve readiness with suppliers to share relevant data.
  • Increase net zero maturity, build capacity, knowledge and engagement across the value chain.
  • Drive carbon reductions across your supply chain to meet your net zero targets.
  • Enhance your resilience with a proactive engaged value chain supporting your Net Zero ambitions to ensure you deliver the products and services in line with your customers’ expectations.

Why Planet Mark?

Our community at Planet Mark comprises a diverse range of organisations across sectors, including manufacturers and suppliers that provide goods and services to other certified members. With our deep understanding and unique insight into the sustainability landscape, we are equipped to offer tailored solutions and opportunities for positive collaborations. Working together, we can engage and motivate your suppliers to align with your net zero goals and targets

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