Policy into Practice

At Planet Mark we stay ahead of the curve on sustainability policy and legislation remaining at the forefront of change.

Carbon Policy Tracker

Instantly discover carbon and sustainability-relevant policy, legislations and standards that apply to your business by answering a few simple questions.

We’re moving the conversation and driving action from being consulted by Governments on net zero policy development to proactively supporting the creation and roll-out of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines and, helping to develop the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard.

Our continuous work in policy has led to Planet Mark being one of only ten official Partners of the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign supporting businesses on their net zero journeys.

Compliance Support

We can help your organisation comply with a wide range of standards and regulatory requirements.

Our experts can deliver SECR submissions, ESOS audits and PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral Verifications and help your organisation align with SBTi targets, BREEAM and UK GBC frameworks.


We help you report on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions annually.

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Carbon Neutral

Our Carbon neutral badge represents transparency and carbon accountability.

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We empower progressive change and support the radical reduction of carbon emissions across organisations.

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Building Certification

A suite of unique certifications for a sustainable built environment that goes beyond compliance.

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Best Practice

A certification scheme governed by best practice.
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Our Certification Scheme has received ISO 9001 accreditation. The accreditation can give you confidence that our certifications are governed by a best-practice approach.

Your net zero commitments recognised.
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As an official partner of the UN-backed Race campaign, when an organisation makes a net-zero commitment with us, it is automatically recognised by the UN.

Developing guidelines and standards.
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Planet Mark was involved in the development of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, the first end-to-end net zero governance framework.

In the built environment, we are one of around 20 organisations currently developing the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard.

By adopting best practices and working closely with partners, standards bodies and policymakers like the ones shared below, we are ensuring that our Members can have total confidence that by working with Planet Mark, they are future-proofed as the best practice continues to evolve.

Our active involvement in policy and legislation provides members with:

  • Compliance Support
    Our team of experts can help ease the process of complying with policy and legislation by providing guidance, expertise and direct support.
  • Future Proofing
    Our proactive engagement in sustainability policy development can help our members stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.
  • Opportunity to Input
    Throughout our work, there are opportunities to bring our member’s voices to the table for developing policy.

Keep up to date with the latest developments in sustainability policy

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