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Planet Mark’s Wellness Day

Prioritising the team’s mental health and well-being is a key priority at Planet Mark. Learn about how our wellness day helps promote mental health.

Keisha Sintim-Lewis
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18 May 2023 – Planet Mark Wellness Day

At Planet Mark, we offer each member of our team a Wellness day, separate from annual leave. It’s a day dedicated to nurturing and prioritising our physical and mental well-being collectively. On this day our team to switch off, reset and spend time doing anything that brings them joy, energy or relaxation.

So, on 18th May each member of our team will not be working, checking emails, having calls, or attending meetings. We will be using the time as a mediative day to consider things that are important to us individually and therefore collectively.  We will be doing activities of our choice that bring us joy, energises or relaxes us.

“Wellness Day is important as it reminds us to prioritise our physical and mental well-being, which are crucial for a healthy and fulfilling life. By taking time to focus on self-care and relaxation, we can reduce stress, improve our overall health, and enhance our productivity and quality of life” – Rossella Fiorenza – Human Resources Officer.

“Wellness day is a day where our team are encouraged to focus on themselves, having the freedom to focus on activities that promote a healthier work/life balance and improve our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Promoting wellbeing can help prevent stress, create a positive working environment where individuals and companies can thrive.  They allow employees to focus on their own mental and physical wellbeing, to rest and recuperate and bring their best selves back to work. “ Katie Nicholson – Human Resources Manager

Why do we have Planet Mark Wellness Day?

The well-being of our team is fundamental to Planet Mark’s Values. Every so often, the enormity of the climate crisis can make our jobs feel overwhelming – and our dedicated team continues to work incredibly hard to ensure that we support our members to decarbonise their operations and #domoregood.

This year alone, our team has helped save over 115,000 tonnes of carbon – that’s equivalent to the CO2 emissions from charging 14 billion smartphones.

Wellness day is a chance for our team to take time to reset, recharge and come back to work reinvigorated.

Find out what our team are getting up to and why Wellness day is so important to them. For any urgent enquiries during Wellness Day, please contact

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