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A decade of action: unveiling Planet Mark’s 10-year vision for a brighter future

Ten years ago, Planet Mark embarked on a mission to transform sustainability into a tangible reality. Since then, we have certified more than 800 organisations, acknowledging the significance of continuous carbon reduction. Now, in this critical stage for climate change, explore our mission to accelerate change.

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A decade ago in 2013, grounded in science, passion and knowledge, our founder Steve Malkin, in partnership with the Eden Project,  embarked on a resolute mission to make sustainability a tangible reality – the Planet Mark was launched. Now, as we celebrate our 10-year milestone, we reflect on our journey, our achievements to look to shape the path ahead to the next decade.

Since 2013, Planet Mark has been working with businesses to empower change for a brighter future. We measure what matters, provide crucial insights for informed decisions, and assist our members in communicating their achievements.

Change, as we’ve learned, doesn’t happen overnight. It demands dedication, thoughtful consideration, and courage. These values are our compass in the fight for sustainability, underlining the importance of accountability.

In the past decade, we’ve certified over 800 organisations, recognising that progress, not perfection, is our goal. Every step forward, no matter the size, is a cause for celebration.

But we’re not stopping there; we’re forging ahead with even greater determination to turn our last decade of focus in carbon reduction into a coming decade of regeneration.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to our mission, determined to double down on our efforts in the coming decade.

Our is a call to action to join us in transforming a decade of unprecedented planetary crisis into a brighter future. The years from 2023 to 2033 are not just any ordinary years; they are pivotal in our mission to avert and reverse the challenges facing our planet.

Turning reduction into regeneration

Over the next 5 years, we will redouble our efforts in supporting businesses to set and achieve their pathways to net zero, working with our members on radically reducing carbon emissions within their organisations and across the value chain.

We intend to turn a decade’s worth of emission reduction into a decade of regeneration, with our work expanding to certify regenerative businesses. We aim to guide and support these organisations in their transformation from being “less bad” to becoming quantifiably good.  Learn how, .

Every business should be climate, nature and socially positive. We have metrics to measure their impacts and an ecosystem to support their continuous improvement: Our role will involve comprehensive measurement, certification of their plans and progress, building their capacity for sustainable operations and supporting their transformation. All our processes will be rooted in global best practices and evidence-based data. 

Planet Mark will enable informed choices for positive change and provide a mark of trust and credibility to all holders of our certification, by recognising those organisations who are measurably and culturally determined to create sustainable ecosystems. 

The power of business as a force for good: shaping the future together

We’re strong believers that business can be a force for good, and that positive sustainability impacts are intricately tied to business value. In our eyes, businesses are not just powerful engines of economic growth but also vital champions of change. They have the potential to outpace governments, surpass compliance standards, and work hand in hand with people and society to lead the charge toward a sustainable future

We see businesses as being permanently regenerative, in constant change to deliver the needs of our permanently changing relationship with ourselves, nature and our planet. The true meaning of a sustainable society – interacting with the world with balanced and progressive equality.  

It is time for businesses to step up: to move beyond words into action. Trust is a key pillar of this transformation and organisations and the people within them must ensure their values and communications are transparently aligned with their plans and actions. Trust is the foundation for the transformation we so desperately need, one where businesses transition from being contributors to our planet’s depletion to having a positive impact on our planet, society and nature.  

We have ten years to change the future. .

Explore our for this critical decade of action and your role in shaping a brighter future. Together, we can accelerate change that transcends generations.

Planet Mark’s 10 Year Vision
The net zero journey: overcoming the hurdles to success

Thursday 30th May 2024, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm