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Planet Mark supports the development of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines

The ISO Net Zero Guidelines is the first end-to-end net zero governance framework available—and Planet Mark is proud to be a part of its development.

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Planet Mark was delighted to support the development of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, the first end-to-end net zero governance framework that organisations can use as a credible framework to reach net zero. The guidelines are a positive step to align organisations’ approach to net zero, ensuring we all get there following best practice.

Reaching net zero is central to ensuring we achieve the 2015 Paris Agreement warming target of 1.5°C and tackle the climate crisis. While across the globe, countries have made key developments by setting net zero targets for organisations to uphold individually, the missing piece was how we approach reaching net zero together.

As one of the first global early adopters of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, we have aligned the framework with our Net Zero Programme to ensure our members embrace the best possible practices in setting credible net zero targets and developing robust strategies to achieve them.

Learn more about our involvement here.

Planet Mark’s involvement in shaping policy and standards.

We pride ourselves on our ability to turn policy into practice and over the past decade we have played an active role in supporting and adopting existing and developing frameworks and standards. Currently, we’re supporting the development of the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard.

By adopting best practices and working closely with partners, standards bodies and policymakers, we are ensuring that our members stay ahead of the curve by future-proofing our services against evolving best practice.

Learn how we help our members stay ahead of the policy curve here.

Net Zero Carbon Essentials Workshop

Thursday 28 September 2023, 9:30am - 12:30pm