Planet Mark looks to brighter future in 2021 and beyond

Planet Mark looks to a brighter future in 2021 and beyond with an exciting rebrand and digital transformation project.

PlanetMark rebrand
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To meet our mission of driving change at scale for a thriving planet, we too must change.

This is why we have undergone a rebrand in 2021, furthering our commitment to empower change for a brighter future.

This updated brand identity ties in with our digital transformation project which we embarked on in 2020.

Ultimately, who we are and what we do has not changed, and our partnerships with the Eden Project and Cool Earth remain unchanged and as crucial as ever. The most significant updates have been to our brand and visual identity.

You will notice our brand new logo that has been internationalised and simplified, signifying our present and our future. We hope it will be a recognised mark seen as a symbol of sustainability and a brighter future globally.

We have also dropped ‘The’ from our name, defined our messaging and purpose, as well as created this new website; all of which help to create a new modern look and feel that will help us to communicate the incredible achievements of our holders.

Our vision, purpose and mission binds the Planet Mark community, and we look forward to sharing more with you in the months to come.

We’d also love to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think of the changes on our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

Join our movement for change in this crucial Decade of Action.

Planet Mark, a brighter future.

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