Net Zero

Planet Mark calls on the government to support the funeral sector’s transition to net zero.

Planet Mark is proud to publish the Funeral Industry Technical report, commissioned by Full Circle Funerals, to support the sector’s transition to net zero.

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The funeral sector plays a vital role in society, from supporting bereavement – and in many cases, cultural heritage to supporting the UK’s net zero targets.

The funeral sector is responsible for a significant proportion of the UK’s carbon emissions. In 2021 alone, there were 529,092 cremations, generating 66,162 tonnes of carbon emissions – that’s equivalent to 31,000 return flights between London and New York.

If the UK are to reach their 2050 net zero target, the sector must transition to net zero. However, the funeral sector has little guidance to support meaningful climate action and decarbonisation.

Through our commissioned work with Full Circle Funerals, we’re calling for a collaboration between the government and the industry to deploy new low-carbon technologies, including scaling electrical cremation powered by energy suppliers that procure 100% renewable energy.

Our report shows the UK’s funeral sector could save up to 400,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually by making environmentally friendly options available.

Our report also includes:

  • The different types of burial such as Natural burial, Traditional burial, Cremation and Resomation
  • The carbon emissions associated with different types of burial
  • The immediate and long-term environmental impact associated with different types of burials

Planet Mark is proud to publish this report to support the sector’s transition to net zero. To read the full report, click here.

Scope 3: how to navigate indirect emissions and improve data

Tuesday 23th April 2024, 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm