Planet Mark Awards: Winners and Finalists

Every year, Planet Mark shine a light on members and individuals that have gone above and beyond to maximise their impact. The ceremony returned for a fourth year on Thursday 19 January at The Royal Institution. 

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Every year, Planet Mark shine a light on members and individuals that have gone above and beyond to maximise their impact. The ceremony returned for a fourth year on Thursday 19 January at The Royal Institution. 

Recognising the work undertaken by businesses during their reporting period of 2021, the 13 categories of awards were based on key environmental challenges: reducing carbon emissions, engaging stakeholders in the process, and communicating progress with transparency and authenticity. 

The Awards had record-breaking entries which were shortlisted to 41 finalists by a judging panel of sustainability experts including; Martin Cooper, VP of Project Management Team at Prologis UK, Dan Ryan, learning Curator at Eden Project, Fiona Macklin, Race to Zero Campaign Manager at Climate Champions, Matt Sexton, Strategy Director at Futerra, Mais Callan, Senior Responsible Investment Manager at NEST and Forget Shareka, Environmental Officer at Dunbia Group. 

Planet Mark CFO, Lily Miller welcomed 400 guests from across the country, commenting “I’m so incredibly overwhelmed and proud to be standing here in front of you this evening. When we started Planet Mark 10 years ago, we had a tiny team and around 30 members. We’re now approaching 700 members and I’d like to thank every one of you for being here with us to celebrate your achievements. Every single member has made amazing progress and that is focused here tonight.” 

We were joined by the esteemed Laura Penhaul double world record holder and keynote speaker who have inspiring talks on leadership, team effectiveness and cohesion, and the strength of adaptability.  

CEO and founder, Steve Malkin ended the evening by emphasising the importance of net zero. “We would like every member of the Planet Mark community to commit to net zero. We want you and the Planet Mark to be at the centre of a net zero ecosystem where you and your business are aligned with your customers, suppliers and organisations near and far beyond. It is a tremendous opportunity to drive change and transform your business, society, the environment, and the economy. 

There is an unbeatable business case for sustainability cutting carbon and going to net zero. Knowing that you save money, increase profits, win business, align with customers and attract and retain employees by aligning with their values and demand for sustainability makes it a business no-brainer. 

We want you and the Planet Mark to be at the centre of a net zero ecosystem where you and your business are aligned with your customers, suppliers and organisations near and far beyond. It is a tremendous opportunity to drive change and transform your business, society, the environment, and the economy.” 

The evening wouldn’t have been possible without the Planet Mark Award sponsors Prologis, VolkerWessels UK, GLP Europe, Stephen George + Partners, D Hammond Group, Mount Anvil, Fenix Carbon, Lambert Smith Hampton, Open Energy Market, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Eden Project, The National Lottery Community Fund, Mental Health Charter and SKCI. 

Each of the finalists’ and winners’ actions go beyond the demands of certification. Their commitment to sustainability and passion to measure, engage and communicate with employees, supply chain and wider communities mean our common goal of brighter future is one step closer. 

Following a rigorous selection process focused on the most impactful climate actions, the 2022 finalists and winners are: 



As part of the Planet Mark, we measure your data with rigor so you can report your progress with confidence & authenticity. Under this category, there are three awards: Data collection and quality, absolute carbon reduction and carbon reduction per employee. 

Absolute carbon reduction sponsored by Mount Anvil 

This award celebrates the organisation that has made the greatest percentage reduction in absolute carbon emissions as evidenced by the businesses’ certification report. 

Winner: FinnCap Group for a 76% carbon reduction per employee. 

Finalists: Stanhope and Commercial 


Carbon Reduction per employee sponsored by Lambert Smith Hampton 

This award recognises the organisation that has achieved the greatest percentage in carbon reduction per employee as evidenced by the business’ certification report. 

Winner: FinnCap Group for an absolute carbon reduction of 75.6%. 

Finalists: Yonder, Gieves and Hawkes 


Data Quality and Collection sponsored by SKCI  

The award celebrates the organisation that has most efficiently managed its emissions data, thereby ensuring data quality and a smooth collection and certification process. 

Winner(s): Homerton University Hospital, Acumed, Womble Bond Dickinson, GreenZone for scoring an exemplary data quality score of 95%. 



The Engage category recognises those who have gone above and beyond to engage with their staff, customers, community, and suppliers.  

Employee engagement sponsored by D Hammond Group 

This award recognises an organisation for implementing an initiative or project aimed at informing, inspiring and/or empowering staff, unlocking their passion, galvanising them to take a leading role in their organisation’s sustainability programme. 

Winner: London Early Years Foundation Nurseries for their high impact, inter-generational initiative with immeasurable benefits engaging people at such a young age. 

Finalists: CH&CO and Medbrief  


Community Engagement sponsored by The National Lottery Fund  

This award celebrates an organisation who has given back to their community through running or participating in a local project or initiative. 

Winner: Fiera Real Estate UK for changing lives through a variety of walking, cycling and running challenges, travelling a total distance of 6,300km and raising over £54,000 for the Grace Academy School. This funded and supported new facilities, learning support and career development schemes. 

Finalists: Stephen George + Partners and NuServe 


Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by The Mental Health Charter  

This award recognises an organisation that has taken impressive steps to engage with their supply chain and stakeholders, making this an integral part of their sustainability programme. 

Winner: ISG for an impressive programme pushing a supply chain to improve in a tricky industry with complex challenges. The scope of the programme starts from the procurement process right through to supplier environmental performance. It includes both subcontractors and manufacturers of products, focusing on 500 subcontractors and 400 material suppliers who make up around 90% of the value of our business. 

Finalists: Blooloop, Thakeham and SP Energy Networks  



This category recognises and celebrates the best examples of sustainability communication through campaigns, reports and influential leaders.  

Sustainability reporting sponsored by Open Energy Market 

Award for most transparent and effective communication of an organisation’s sustainability progress, including the use of brand and alignment with a global framework. 

Winner: CH&CO for a truly transparent and comprehensive report, providing honest progress and reporting across wide areas of sustainability. The report celebrates key achievements such as the Planet Mark certification, the implementation of ESG assessment in supply chains and enhanced people policies and benefits, whilst acknowledging that there are gaps in data availability. 

Finalists: Bower Collective and Womble Bond Dickinson 


Sustainability campaign sponsored by Fenix Carbon 

This award celebrates the best example of a purposeful sustainability campaign aimed at an organisation’s wider audiences. 

Winner: Birmingham County Football Association For a campaign that is having a huge impact at grassroots level, promoting change in a part of society that millions engage with every day. The Save Today, Play Tomorrow campaign looked to engender and empower grassroots football to support its ambitious goal of creating a low-carbon greener game, across its region. The company ensured activities were aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Mental Health & Wellbeing, Positive Education, Climate Action and Reconnecting Football with Nature were also at the forefront of this campaign. 

Finalists: Advertising Association, Bywaters and Clear Channel 


Best use of the Planet Mark sponsored by Bumblee Conservation Trust 

This Award recognises the best and/or most creative use of the Planet Mark logo as a mark of progress in sustainability to communicate the commitment and impact of your organisation. 

Winner: Las Bodegas for demonstrating their commitment by integrating the Planet Mark logo throughout their messaging. 

Finalists: Impress Print and Hillier 



This awards category recognises companies’ overall achievements and celebrates outstanding individuals and businesses in the Planet Mark community.   

Sustainability game-changer sponsored by GLP Europe  

Recognises a person who has made a material, measurable and positive cultural difference in their organisation and its impact on society and the environment. 

Winner: Mike Jackson, Director of Supply Chain Engagement and Head of Charity at Roadchef for embracing the true values of sustainability, making significant strides within their industry. As a result of Mike’s vision and drive, Roadchef cut carbon emissions by 17.6% per employee in 2021 alone. As one of the leading motorway services operators, Roadchef, through Mike’s vision, is helping to influence and set the blueprint for sustainability across the sector. 

Finalists: Simon Matthews, Stephen George + Partners and Dominic Offer, Bristol Global Mobility 


Best newcomer sponsored by Eden Project 

This award recognises a company who has achieved inspiring results in their first year of Planet Mark certification. 

Winner: SureCav Limited for a well-demonstrated culture of innovation that is going a long way in ensuring a positive impact on the environment and people’s lives. SureCav aims to be a sustainable solution to build. Its 100% recycled plastic cavity spacer system was designed to eliminate the need for concrete backing blocks behind stone. As a result, SureCav saves 84 tonnes of CO2 in every order.  

Honourable mention: Thakeham Group 

Finalists: Avery & Brown, Danesmoor Group 


Best company sponsored by Prologis UK 

This award celebrates a company that has embraced the Planet Mark vision through outstanding results in all aspects of the 3-step process (Measure, Engage, Communicate).  

Winner: Scottish Power Energy Networks for the delivery of pioneering projects, and the crucial role they are playing in supporting regional and national ambitions in reaching net zero and the energy system transition. This includes a strategic EV partnership with the Scottish Government and providing £20m in funding to low-carbon community initiatives through its Green Economy Fund. Over the last decade, SPEN has reduced its own direct carbon footprint by almost 50% and is committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 67% by 2034/35. 

Finalists: Regular Cleaning, ONE creative environment and Roadchef 


Planet Mark Milestone Award  

Recognising continuous improvement, this award celebrates the organisations who have achieved five years of Planet Mark certification. 

Winners: Gieves & Hawkes, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Impress Print Services, Mediacom North Group, Petroc, Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN), Winch Design and Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP.

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