No time like the present

There’s no time like the present to start doing your bit to help protect the planet and make a positive impact on the environment and society. By making conscious decisions over what we buy, consume and invest our money in, we can help to create a brighter future.

Christmas sustainable presents
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Here are just some of the Planet Mark members who are doing their bit to reduce COin 2022:

Dunnet Bay Distillers

Dunnet Bay Distillers are distillers of premium, handcrafted Scottish spirits. The company was founded with people and community at its core.  

Dunnet Bay is committed to working with all of its clients and promoting initiatives, which lay the foundation for a sustainable future. In this crucial Decade of Action, the company want to ensure that it is a force for good: positively transforming society and the planet by measuring our own impact on the environment.

“In 2022 we will be doing our very best to tackle our carbon emissions wherever possible.  We are looking to extend our solar panels and incorporate battery storage so that we can use more of what we generate.  We’re also concentrating on our waste to landfill which we aim to reduce by 50% against our benchmark year.  We have some interesting collaborations that are currently in the early stages, and we hope these will result in less waste for us and others in 2022. I’m sure it will also be a year of learning and sharing ideas and innovations, starting with the Energiser in January, the perfect month to be inspired for the rest of the year!” Sarah Lyons. 

You can view Dunnet Bay Distillers Refill Rewards Club, which helps to encourage recycling, here. 

Fulton Umbrellas

Fulton Umbrellas is the UK’s largest supplier of umbrellas. They aim to lead the sector on sustainability through powering its work with 100% green electricity and focusing on the longevity of design and sustainably sourced components.

Fulton Umbrellas is committed to being an environmentally responsible company and aims to lead the sector on sustainability. It is committed to minimising its environmental impact and reducing the speed of climate change and resource depletion. The company is powered by 100% green electricity and has committed to continuous measurement of gas, fuel, electricity and water, focusing on the longevity of design and sustainably sourced components and using the minimal amount of packaging, using recycled materials where possible. 

Hypnos Beds

Keen and Toms Holdings, who operate Hypnos Beds, is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and to using environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality. The company has made strides to put sustainability at the centre of everything it does. From the use of renewable natural resources and carbon offsetting programmes to supporting worthy charities, local schools and nurturing future talent, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are embedded into the business. Hypnos is also involved in a variety of certified climate projects including planting trees in both the UK and the Amazon plus providing clean water in Uganda.

“To reduce CO2 we will continue to sustainably design and handmade beds with natural, organic and sustainable materials, from traceable sources, packed in bags made from sugarcane. We will continue to use renewable energy supported by our own biomass boiler, inspiring not only our customers but also our employees to sleep sustainably, whilst encouraging all our employees to plant wildflowers to complement our new head office wildflower meadow as part of our community and biodiversity strategy.” Chris Ward at Hypnos Beds. 

Small Stuff

Small Stuff are an award-winning eco-conscious children’s store stocking well-made ethical clothing, toys, books and accessories for ages 0-7. Small Stuff is an independent, family-run business with sustainability at its heart.

“One of the major carbon reduction opportunities within Small Stuff in 2022 as a retailer will be the removal of customer paper bags. Although seemingly a better option than plastic bags for customers – the production and end of life of paper bags uses a significant number of natural resources and causes significant waste (as well as being expensive for retailers too!). I’m so excited to be collaborating with a fantastic company and introduce a completely zero waste and reusable carrier bag at the checkout that I’m also hoping we can roll out for retailers all over the UK.” Hellen Sterling-Baker

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Crafting a sustainable Christmas

Of course, one of the most magical parts of Christmas is the decorations and special seasonal touches that we look forward to each year.

You don’t have to go out and buy new things every season to get into the festive spirit – it’s easy enough to craft your own sustainable Christmas at home.  

Here are some ways you can create eco-friendly Christmas crafts, all of which are fun to do with kids or even friends outside or on a festive video call. 

  • Make your own Christmas wreath using Autumn leaves. All you need is some wire to create the base and some colourful fallen leaves to decorate with. To create extra interest, you could add pinecones and spare ribbon.  
  • DIY Christmas garland. This can be done using slices of colourful dried fruit and cinnamon sticks threaded through some twine. You could also make your own folded paper star garlands. 
  • Instead of using paper for gift-wrapping using fabric squares that can be reused or try brown paper and repurposed ribbons. If you have children, you could get them to help paint or stamp brown paper with fun Christmas patterns. 
  • Make your own Christmas air-freshener using boiled water in a jar (try reusing an empty jam jar) and adding slices of orange, cinnamon sticks or whole cloves, and a bay leaf or sprig of Christmas tree. Leave it to steep for three days then open and gently heat with a votive or on top of a radiator to release the festive aromas.  
  • Create your own Christmas table decorations by studding oranges with cloves for a beautiful scent, or pinecones to create a natural feel.
  • Draw festive scenes or snowflakes on your windows with chalk pens that can be completely washed off and are visible from both outside and inside.