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Fora is reimagining the office experience by creating work environments that are beautiful, professional and flexible. In recognising its responsibility to protect the environment, Fora has committed to reducing its carbon emissions.
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Total carbon footprint

Reporting Boundary: All office operations

Emission sources: Electricity, T&D losses, purchased heat and steam, natural gas, waste, business travel, paper use, refrigerants, freight

Reporting Period: 01 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2019

1,377.8 tCO2e

Total carbon footprint per employee

9.1 tCO2e


FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 6 SDG’s.


Certification story

Fora Space, creators of premium working coworking spaces and private office environments that help maximise productivity, has achieved Planet Mark certification.

This is Fora’s first year of business carbon footprint reporting and Planet Mark certification. As part of certifying to Planet Mark, the company has set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually.

Fora’s total carbon footprint in the year ending December 2019 was 1337.8 tCO2e. Fora’s total carbon per employee in the year ending 2019 was 9.1 tCO2e.

If Fora is able to reach its carbon reduction target, it will save the same amount of carbon as preventing 168,000 miles from being driven in an average car.

Steve Malkin
Planet Mark
“I am so pleased to see Fora Space commit to reducing its carbon footprint. I have had the pleasure of speaking about sustainability in one of Fora’s offices, so I know first hand their dedication to create environmentally friendly spaces for their occupants. Sustainable workplaces are so important to a healthy and efficient work life, and Fora is dedicated to promoting environments that are not only relaxing, but planet-conscious. Fora is ahead of the game. I look forward to seeing their continued sustainable progress.”

Certification story

Fora is reimagining the office experience by creating work environments that are beautiful, professional and flexible. Fora is also committed to sustainability. Beyond the pledge to reduce its carbon footprint annually, Fora has held events on net zero and biophilic design in its office spaces, creating a space for industry leaders to educate and share sustainable ideas. The company also offers sustainable solutions to its occupants so that they can conduct their work in a low-carbon environment.

Sustainable office spaces have a number of beneficial impacts on its occupants, as well as the local and global environment. First, environmentally friendly office solutions often have positive impacts on energy and utilities costs. However, beyond the financial impact, sustainable offices designed with social wellbeing in mind have positive impacts on air quality, which can lead to improvements on occupant comfort and even productivity – a healthy office is both a happy and productive one.

Future targets

Reduce carbon footprint by 5% annually.

As part of the Planet Mark certification, Fora Space has committed to make a year-on-year reduction.

Achieve net zero carbon by 2030

Fora have committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2030.

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