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EVORA is a consultancy offering sustainability, software, and technical engineering services. Alongside commitments to reduce its carbon footprint, the consultancy offers giving initiatives to positively contribute to the social side of sustainability.
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7 years




Absolute carbon reduction

Reporting boundary: London, Bolton and
Birmingham operations

Emission sources: Electricity, natural gas, waste, water, business travel, T&D losses,
homeworking energy

Reporting Period: 1 Sep 2019 –31 Aug 2020


Carbon reduction per employee


Total carbon footprint

34.9 tCO2e

Total Social Value



FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 9 SDG’s.


Certification story

This is EVORA’s seventh year of business carbon footprint reporting and certification to Planet Mark. It first calculated the carbon footprint of its London, Birmingham and Bolton site operations for the year ending August 2020. 

EVORA’s total carbon footprint in the year ending August 2020 was 34.9 tCO2e, a decrease of 3.5% from the year ending 2019 when normalised. The relative carbon footprint was 0.61 tCO2e per employee, a decrease of 44.7% compared to the year ending 2019 when normalised. 

EVORA’s Social Value contribution in the year ending 2020 was £61,197. It reported on 17 Social Value measures with the top three contributors being initiatives to support staff working remotely, providing training opportunities and providing access to multidimensional wellbeing programs. 

Steve Malkin
Planet Mark
“This year’s Planet Mark certification has been challenging for many reasons, but it’s fantastic to see EVORA thriving in spite of changing circumstances. As a team of sustainability professionals, their know-how is undisputed, but this knowledge is coupled with a palpable passion to drive change. EVORA’s Planet Mark certification shows a willingness to apply its expertise to its own operations and walk the walk on sustainability. I applaud the company’s efforts in reducing its carbon footprint this year.”

Certification story

As a sustainability consultancy for the real estate sector, EVORA does a tremendous amount to contribute to a sustainable world. As well as advising businesses on delivering end to end sustainability solutions for commercial real estate, the consultancy offers EVORA giving initiatives to positively contribute to the social side of sustainability. Its expertise helps connect sustainable solutions well beyond its own business and client base, helping create sustainable communities across the country.  

The built environment contributes 20% of all the United Kingdom’s carbon emissions. With 97% of the nation’s building stock needing to be adapted to meet global climate targets, the industry finds itself in dire need of action and leadership. 

Future targets

Reduce carbon footprint by 5% annually

As part of the Planet Mark certification, Evora Global has committed to making a year-on-year reduction.

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