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Charles Tyrwhitt pride themselves on the quality of their product proposition and the highest standards in quality and ethical production. The company recognises its business activities can have an impact on the environment and have committed to ensuring wherever possible they will work to reduce this impact.
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2 years

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Absolute carbon reduction

Reporting Boundary: UK, Paris, and US sites/stores

Emission sources: Electricity, T&D Losses, Natural Gas, Water, Waste, Business Travel, Paper, Freight, Homeworking (excluded from footprint)

Reporting Period: 01 Aug 2020 – 31 Jul 2021


Carbon reduction per employee


Total carbon footprint

1,939.9 tC0₂e

Total carbon footprint per employee

3.6 tC0₂e

Total Social Value



FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 9 SDG.


Certification story

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Limited, a British multi-channel men’s clothing retailer specialising in dress shirts, as well as ties, suits, casualwear, shoes and accessories, has achieved Planet Mark certification.

Achieving Planet Mark is based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability in its business operations by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint and engaging its stakeholders. 

This is Charles Tyrwhitt’s second year of business carbon footprint reporting and certification to Planet Mark. It first calculated the carbon footprint of its UK Operations, worldwide freight and the Paris store operations for the year ending July 2020 and set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually.

Steve Malkin
Founder and CEO
Planet Mark
“I am pleased to welcome Charles Tyrwhitt to the community at Planet Mark. The company has rightly recognised the need for an ethical and sustainable approach to business, and I applaud them for their commitments to change. From its Sustainably Smart product range to its wide-reaching emissions reporting, I’m encouraged to see the company is taking an all-encompassing view of sustainability that will lead to positive change across the business. I’m proud to work with the brand and look forward to helping reduce the company’s carbon emissions.”
Luke Kingsnorth
Charles Tyrwhitt
“At Charles Tyrwhitt we believe that there is a right way to do business and we are constantly challenging ourselves on what we can do better. I’m incredibly proud of the progress we have made on our social and environmental efforts to date and today marks another important step in our social responsibility programme as we look at what more we can do to protect the planet for future generations.”

Certification story

Charles Tyrwhitt added, “We’ve partnered with Planet Mark to help us truly understand the impact we’re having and to help us deliver on our commitments to reduce our carbon emissions.  We are focused on measuring all parts of our business operation and identifying where we can reduce our carbon emissions and improve our social value”

The clothing industry is a major emitter of carbon and waste and must begin to act on climate change. The industry is under growing pressure from consumers and regulators alike to act in a sustainable manner, for reasons as varied as workforce satisfaction to plastic pollution and carbon emissions. The market for sustainable clothing is also rapidly growing, representing a significant opportunity for clothing brands to develop economically with a reduced environmental impact.

Charles Tyrwhitt has achieved Carbon Neutral status.

Future targets

Reduce carbon footprint by 5% annually

As part of the Planet Mark certification, Charles Tyrwhitt has committed to making a year-on-year reduction.

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