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Benniman Construction Group

Benniman is a construction company with a passion for sustainable change. The company, established in 1967, has since developed expertise in the industrial, commercial and healthcare, and new build sectors.
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6 years

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Carbon reduction per £m turnover

Reporting Boundary: UK office and operation

Emission sources: Electricity, t&d losses, gas oil / red diesel, water, waste, fleet, paper, homeworking (excluded from footprint)

Reporting Period: 01 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2020


Total carbon footprint

486.1 tC0₂e

Total carbon footprint per employee

12.0 tC0₂e


FTE employees

We engage our employees and widerrnstakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledgernto drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 9 SDG’s.


Certification story

Benniman Construction Group, an independent and privately owned construction company, founded in 1967 with headquarters in Bromsgrove, UK, has achieved Planet Mark certification. 

This is Benniman Construction Group’s sixth year of business carbon footprint reporting and Planet Mark certification. Since certifying to Planet Mark, the company has set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually. 

Over the next year, the Benniman will continue to work towards reducing its carbon emissions and sharing its journey with its community to inspire others. By being more strategic about its environmental responsibility, the Blooloop will be able to significantly increase its positive impact and hope to encourage continual improvements within its community.

Steve Malkin
Founder CEO
Planet Mark
“Benniman has achieved half a decade of carbon reduction with Planet Mark in style. This year’s results are yet another fantastic signal of progress, going beyond their reduction target, and one step closer to net zero emissions. I’m proud to work with companies like Benniman that strive for continuous improvement, even in these challenging times for business.”
Tim Mills
Procurement Director & Head of Sustainability
Benniman Construction Group
“As a company we are fully engaged with the sustainability initiatives we have introduced over the past five years and remain committed to improving our environmental credentials moving forwards. Like everyone, we were sent into a tailspin by the global events of the past six months, although we have endeavoured to take the positives out of the situation that we found ourselves in. We quickly embraced new ways of working that we found to be complementary to our sustainability drive. There were obvious benefits associated with fuel and energy reductions as a result of home working and on-line meetings but we quickly realised that these measures need not be temporary and that there is a place for them within our business model, saving valuable time and resources that will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint still further.”

Certification story

Benniman has introduced measures in addition to the certification to help promote environmental sustainability. Benniman’s Bromsgrove office runs on 100% renewable energy. For this achievement, the company was presented with the first 100% Renewable Energy Certificate from Cool Earth. Benniman also holds accreditation for the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility standards. The company makes sure to engage its staff in its sustainability journey with a wall in its office to recognise its achievements and further inspire staff to think and act in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Companies working in the built environment have an opportunity to benefit from sustainable principles. The industry is one of the nation’s largest polluters, so pioneering companies must think environmentally to meet modern demand, working within their own organisations and with their stakeholders and supply chains to create whole-life sustainable construction projects. Innovative companies will stand to gain the most as standards and the demands of consumers continue to evolve. 

Future targets

Reduce carbon footprint by 5% annually

As part of the Planet Mark certification, Benniman has committed to making a year-on-year reduction.

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