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Amenity Horticultural Services

Amenity Horticultural Services is a market leader in the supply of bark and woodchip products to the landscape and playground industries throughout the United Kingdom. The company combines superior service with quality products obtained from renewable or sustainable sources.
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3 years

Trees in sky BEST



Absolute carbon reduction

Reporting Boundary: Coppards Lane,
Northiam, East Sussex, TN31 6QN

Emission Sources: Electricity, Building Fuel,
Water, Business Travel, Waste, Paper, Homeworking (Excluded from the footprint)

Reporting Period: 01 May 2021 – 30 Apr 2022


Carbon reduction per employee


Location-based total carbon footprint

42.4 tC0₂e

Location-based total carbon footprint per employee

1.7 tC0₂e

Market-based total carbon footprint

36.8 tC0₂e

Market-based total carbon footprint per employee

1.5 tC0₂e


FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 8 SDGs.


Certification story

Amenity Horticultural Services (AHS), a market leader in the supply of bark and wood chip products to the landscape and playground industries throughout the United Kingdom, has achieved Planet Mark certification.  

Amenity Horticultural Services strives to maintain high levels of environmental awareness throughout the company; most products are sustainable and sourced from natural, organic or recycled materials, which help reduce the impact on the greater environment. AHS also has a range of peat-free and environmentally sustainable bagged products that are produced locally to the business.

Companies working with in landscaping can seize the opportunity of a sustainable transition. Modern consumers increasingly demand a supply chain analysis for ethical and environmental purposes. Successful businesses in this industry will combine supply chain transparency with wider sustainable initiatives to offer a planet-friendly service from seed to sale. Companies that embrace environmental initiatives will find themselves more resilient to future changes, and able to utilise eco credentials to attract new customers.   

Over the next year, it will continue reducing its carbon emissions and sharing its journey with its community to inspire others. By being more strategic about its environmental responsibility, the company will be able to significantly increase its positive impact and hope to encourage continual improvements within its community.


Steve Malkin
Founder and CEO
Planet Mark
“I am pleased that Amenity Horticultural Services has achieved certification for a third year. The company has produced environmentally positive products for a number of years, and is dedicated to extending this ethical ethos throughout its business. I am happy see AHS make a commitment to reduce its footprint in its third year, and look forward to seeing their progress.”

Going beyond

Through Planet Mark, AHS has protected an area of endangered rainforest thanks to Cool Earth; a charity working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. Its pledge through Cool Earth directly supports the Asháninka community in Central Peru.

It has also helped the Eden Project – an educational charity building connections with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work together towards a better future.   


Future targets

Reduce carbon emissions by at least 2.5% each year

To recertify next year AHS must reduce emissions by 2.5%.

Aim to reduce carbon emissions by 5% each year

A 5% year-on-year reduction is the target reduction recommended by Planet Mark.

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