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Advertising Production Resources (APR)

Advertising Production Resources (APR) is a content creation optimization consultancy. With its key partners, they are pushing for sustainability practices throughout all verticals of production.
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2 years

Trees in sky BEST



Absolute carbon reduction

Reporting Boundary: New York and Detroit

Emission Sources: Electricity, T&D, Business
Travel, Waste, Homeworking (not included in total footprint)

Reporting Period: 01 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021


Carbon reduction per employee


Location-based total carbon footprint

23.0 tC0₂e

Location-based total carbon footprint per employee

0.3 tC0₂e

Market-based total carbon footprint

23.0 tC0₂e

Market-based total carbon footprint per employee

0.3 tC0₂e


FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 7 SDG.


Certification story

Advertising Production Resources (APR) is a content creation optimization consultancy that recognises the advertising industry has a colossal role to play in the mitigation of climate crises. Yet, each year, the advertising industry produces thousands of tons of carbon emissions and waste. From the very messaging within our advertisements to the actual methods of production, this industry is a carbon-emitting powerhouse in a position of unequivocal power.

Achieving the Planet Mark is based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability in its business operations by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint and engaging its stakeholders. 

Over the next year, the company will be working towards reducing its carbon emissions and sharing its journey with its community to inspire others. By being more strategic about its environmental responsibility, it will be able to significantly increase its positive impact and hope to encourage continual improvements within its community.

“APR has made a fantastic step forward in their carbon reduction journey. Committing to continuous improvement in sustainability is an ambitious marker, a statement of intent for real change. The industry is ripe for sustainable change and APR is leading the way. Well done to everyone involved on certification.”

Certification story

APR sits at the intersection of marketers, agencies, and production partners; consequently, it has a bird’s eye view of the waste associated with production. With key partners, APR is pushing for sustainability practices throughout all verticals of production. However, a lot of brands are still uncertain about the particulars involved with sustainable advertising. To clear up some of the more common questions and concerns, APR has convened sustainability experts to discuss advertisers role in combatting climate change.  

Sustainability in advertising should no longer be a ‘nice to have’. Marketers, agencies, and production partners must move toward sustainable practices throughout the whole value chain, assessing every area of their business with respect to the planet. Sustainability can bring along a host of benefits to advertising agencies. As well as being a good way to identify efficiencies and cost-saving measures, strong and well-communicated sustainability policies can help with client acquisition and retention. 

Future targets

Reduce carbon emissions by at least 2.5% each year

To recertify next year Advertising Production Resources must reduce emissions by 2.5%.

Aim to reduce carbon emissions by 5% each year

A 5% year-on-year reduction is the target reduction recommended by Planet Mark.

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