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Trade associations, as conveners of innovation, best practice, and regulation, have a vital part to play as thought leaders on the topic of climate change within their industry. From the confines of a trade association’s office through its network of stakeholders, the capacity of associations to drive change is huge.
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Operational emissions

Trade associations will have considerable emissions associated with day-to-day business operations. Building and office emissions, emissions associated with travel, and waste and resource efficiency are all actionable sources of carbon that can begin to be reduced with Planet Mark.   

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Member emissions

Trade associations also have the capacity to influence the emissions of its member organisations and individuals. By leading from the front, associations can demonstrate best practice and inform their communities on how to best take action on climate. 

How we helped RWHA cut their carbon footprint

The Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA) has been Planet Mark certified for five years. The association reports on emissions from its head office operations and has helped engage several Royal Warrant Holders with key issues on sustainability. Through Planet Mark certification, RWHA have contributed to seven United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).  

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Why trade associations should encourage certification

Planet Mark certification offers a number of benefits to trade organisations. The certification demonstrates a scientific and purpose-led approach to carbon reduction, combined with the power of a respected brand to help communicate an association’s action on climate change. Planet Mark also equips trade associations with the tools to help elevate its members’ efforts on sustainability.  

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