Trade associations, as conveners of innovation, best practice, and regulation, have a vital part to play as thought leaders on the topic of climate change within their industry. From the confines of a trade association’s office through its network of stakeholders, the capacity of associations to drive change is huge.

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Electricity emissions

Tech companies will often have large carbon footprints associated with their electricity output. From office emissions to data centre energy use, solutions such as renewable energy suppliers or creating on-site renewable capacity can help in the transition to a low-carbon company.   

Supply chain emissions

Tech companies have the opportunity to drive innovation throughout their supply chains, helping lower emissions at both the client and resourcing ends of the business process. Acknowledging and taking action on the full scope of business emissions can help create change well beyond the office walls of a tech company. 

How we helped Digital Detox cut their carbon footprint

Digital Detox, a leading independent digital product design and development agency, cut its carbon by 20% per employee in its second year of Planet Mark certification. Planet Mark created a reporting and reduction strategy based on a number of emissions variables to provide Digital Detox with a framework for year-on-year progress.  

Why the technology should encourage certification

Certification is a compelling way to tell a sustainability story. As well as providing rigour and process to the task of greening a company, Planet Mark is a recongised badge with which tech companies can communicate their climate action. This demonstrates a company is moving beyond industry norms, and walking the walk on sustainability. 

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