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For many brands in the sports and leisure industry there is a direct link with the natural world. As our climate changes, our relationship with sport and leisure as we understand it could be compromised. Many sports and leisure brands have realised they can be part of the solution, creating business with a focus on climate to promote healthy and future-ready experiences for their customers.
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Travel related emissions

Leisure and sporting events of all scales have significant emissions associated with travel. Brands involved with events or destination-based activities will have to factor in the most efficient way to allow consumers to access these activities. 

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Operational emissions

The emissions created from the manufacturing of products or the logistics of hosting events are many and wide-reaching. Engaging with supply chains can create collective action that will have a greater impact than any single company can hope to have.   

How we helped EXTREME International cut their carbon footprint

Planet Mark has partnered with EXTREME International, helping turn their passion for a positive legacy into concrete action on climate change. Planet Mark has helped them form a set of targets for emissions reduction alongside the knowledge to achieve the ongoing targets, creating the recipe for long-lasting change.  

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Why the sports and leisure industry should encourage certifcation

Certification is an important part of the sustainability journey for companies in the industry. The industry can be very complex, with many factors contributing to the overall emissions of any one company. Planet Mark certification not only outlines a route map to a low-carbon future, it gives confidence to a brand’s customers that they will continually strive to put the planet at the heart of their business.  

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