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The built environment is responsible for nearly 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions. The buildings we work and live in, and the transport infrastructure we use every day makes and enormous contribution to the world’s carbon footprint. Climate action in the property industry represents a win-win for residents and property professionals alike. 
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Operational emissions

The emissions a building emits contribute significantly to its total carbon footprint. Ranging from energy use to waste disposal and resource efficiency, managing the day-to-day carbon emissions associated with a building is a vital step in reducing a company’s carbon emissions. 

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Embodied emissions

The construction, extension and demolition of property and infrastructure all have large carbon footprints associated with them. Embedding low-carbon construction techniques are often coupled with low operational-carbon when the building is in use, representing a double win for the industry.  

How we helped McLaren measure its carbon footprint

In their first year of Planet Mark certification we helped McLaren to measure and report its carbon footprint and engage its stakeholders. In achieving certification, McLaren contributed to four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN  SDGs).

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Why the real estate, FM and construction industry should encourage certification

Planet Mark’s three-step process to certification embeds sustainability throughout the processes of a business. Certification ensures that climate change never drops off the agenda, with annual targets for improvement and the tools to engage all of a company’s stakeholders. The recognised and respected Planet Mark also acts as a signal of bold climate action within the industry.  

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