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Planet Mark works with businesses across the media and entertainment industry to measure, report and reduce their carbon emissions. We have worked with companies like Long Way Up Productions in measuring the 13,000 mile journey made by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman for the televised show by Apple+.
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As we are in the crucial Decade of Action, media and entertainment industries have a responsibility to ensure transparent and truthful reporting of the realities of climate change. The media is an important platform for information that can inform the public and a better-informed public can influence policymakers.  

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Film and television emissions

According to BAFTA, a single hour of television produced in the UK produces 13 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, nearly as much CO2 as an average American produces in one year. A large portion of these carbon emissions comes from the travel associated with production. In addition to this, the creation of waste in film production is significant.  

How we helped Long Way Up cut their carbon footprint

We measured the carbon footprint of the 13,000 mile journey made by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman for the televised show by Apple TV+ using electric Harley Davidson LiveWire motorcycles. Through certification, the production protected 81 acres of rainforest with Cool Earth, mitigating the impact of over 100x the carbon footprint of the journey.  

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Why the media and entertainment industry should encourage certification

Sustainability in broadcasting and media must become a priority, to ensure not only that production companies are reducing their own carbon emissions but also to encourage transparent and truthful dissemination of climate change information.  

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