Sustainable engineering principles can make a huge impact on society. Innovative sustainable energy engineering will play a huge part in the renewable transition of the world’s energy grids, mechanical engineers will offer sustainable engineering solutions in the transport and tech industries. But all engineers have a responsibility and opportunity to embrace sustainable practice.
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Environmental Consultancy

Business emissions

Analysing and improving the supply chain and business processes is an important factor in controlling the emissions of an engineering company. Embracing renewable energy, water management, and recycling processes will dramatically reduce a company’s environmental impact. 

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Project emissions

Project analysis is not only vital to carbon reduction planning, it offers a valuable service to clients. An environment-first approach is not only about embracing sustainable engineering solutions but about robust data reporting and social responsibility.  

How we helped Couch Perry Wilkes measure their carbon footprint

Couch Perry Wilkes, engineers that deliver buildings using innovation, creativity and technical expertise throughout the UK, joined Planet Mark to manage their carbon footprinting and reduction strategy. The firm has assessed the impacts of all of its UK offices and is contributing to five Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Why the engineering industry should encourage certification

Engineers must move beyond compliance and fully embrace sustainability. Ranging from evaluating the day-to-day processes of a business to roadmapping carbon-neutral and zero carbon targets, Planet Mark is designed to accompany companies on the entirety of their sustainability journey.  

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