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Sustainability issues such as the climate crisis are impacting the way we view business-as-usual. Sustainability strategies have become essential for business services companies, and must be interwoven into all areas of business operations. However, the companies that will thrive in a sustainable future are the ones that push beyond compliance and recognise the opportunity presented in the face of our changing climate.
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Operational emissions

Everything a business does has an associated carbon footprint. Waste, building emissions, business travel and more all have a footprint that must be measured and reduced.  

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Supply chain emissions

Business services companies will also have long, complex supply chains. Creating a sustainable supply chain is an important part of demonstrating a company’s own sustainability credentials. Environmentally conscious suppliers help cut a company’s emissions and communicate a company’s sustainable commitments to stakeholders.     

How we helped RPS cut their carbon footprint

RPS has worked with Planet Mark for over seven years to measure and reduce its carbon footprint. In its most recent year, RPS cut emissions by nearly one quarter. The company has committed to making positive change on seven of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Why the business services industry should encourage certification

Companies in business services are turning to sustainability certifications to show their commitment to the planet. Certification comes with several benefits. First, commitment to continued carbon footprint reduction provides structure to a company looking to make long-lasting change. Certification also demonstrates a company’s commitment to external stakeholders, from industry competitors to prospective clients, by providing an easy-to-communicate set of environmental targets and achievements. 

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