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Planet Mark works with businesses in the advertising, marketing and PR industries to reduce their carbon footprint through sustainable business practices, including the use of sustainable materials and green design. As consumers increasingly look for companies who are committed to mitigating climate change, it is important that business avoid ‘greenwashing’ in their marketing, PR and advertising efforts.
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Digital carbon footprint

Marketing, advertising and PR companies have had to keep up with huge technological advances over the past three decades. Where once ‘traditional media’, TV, radio and newspapers, dominated, many companies now consider digital activities their focus. As digital technology contributes to 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, considering the digital carbon footprint and advertising pollution of any marketing, advertising or PR activities is integral.  

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Transparency and greenwashing

It’s true that sustainability sells, and increasingly consumers are looking for companies that are taking climate action seriously. Because of this, there is a growing skepticism that some companies are ‘greenwashing’ their sustainability credentials. By becoming Planet Mark certified we measure your data with rigour so that you can report on your progress with confidence and authority.   

How we helped Global Outdoor Media cut their carbon footprint

In their eighth year of Planet Mark certification Global Outdoor Media achieved a 29.2% carbon reduction per employee and contributed to seven United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGS). In achieving carbon reduction, Global Outdoor Media focused on key impact areas including travel, water and procurement.  

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Why the advertising, marketing and PR industry should encourage certification

There is a significant behaviour change occurring in society as consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, realising the environmental impacts of materialism and consumerism. Industry creatives across advertising, marketing and PR can welcome this societal change by measuring and reducing their own carbon emissions. In doing so, companies will not only positively impact the environment but also improve their triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

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