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In conversation with Planet Mark and Alcumus

Explore the impactful acquisition of Planet Mark by Alcumus in discussions with CEOs Alyn Franklin and Steve Malkin. Delve into the shared values, sustainability objectives, and strategic integration, which promises exciting growth plans for Planet Mark to deliver impact at scale over the next decade.

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Last month we announced our acquisition by Alcumus, as part of our exciting growth plans for the future to deliver impact at scale over the next decade. Now, sits as its own division within the Alcumus family, alongside ISOQAR and Safe Contractor.

Our marketing team took a moment to sit down with Alcumus CEO Alyn Franklin and Planet Mark Founder and CEO Steve Malkin to find out a little more about the acquisition and what it means for Planet Mark and Alcumus customers, partners and ultimately, the planet.

A new division for Alcumus

Hi Alyn, nice to see you again, can you tell me a bit about Alcumus?

Hi there! Remember our recent chat in London when I introduced you to Alcumus and showcased our impressive portfolio and suite of solutions?  Well, you know, what’s really impressive is our people! We’re one team committed to empowering businesses worldwide and it’s the dedication of our people that drives our success. We’re proudly nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration, ensuring our clients receive the support they need, and having worked at Alcumus for over 14 years, I’ve seen first-hand how our incredible people and their depth of knowledge set us apart. Alcumus is not just a service provider; we’re a trusted partner, globally supporting over 60,000 businesses of all sizes with the tools and expertise they need to succeed in today’s dynamic landscape. I truly appreciate our people – they make Alcumus what it is today.

What motivated the acquisition of Planet Mark? Why did you choose Planet Mark?

During my chats with Steve and his team, it became clear that our businesses share similar goals and values, emphasising the importance of our people and knowledge base, So, I would say we chose each other! The time spent together highlighted a common culture and vision, with a strong emphasis on expertise and values that our teams bring to the table. Aligned with our commitment to growth, we chose Planet Mark for its specialisation in carbon emissions reduction, recognising the rising importance of sustainability. This strategic move positions us to make a meaningful impact in this field, leveraging our collective capabilities. It reinforces our leadership in sustainability, underscoring the significance of our people and knowledge base in achieving these goals.

How does Planet Mark fit into the Alcumus family?

Planet Mark seamlessly integrates into the Alcumus family as a separate division. Led by Steve, the division will operate alongside our other autonomous divisions, ISOQAR and SafeContractor. This structural arrangement allows us to maintain focused management while leveraging synergies and overlaps between divisions. The strategic placement of Planet Mark within the Alcumus family aligns with our overall growth strategy and reinforces our commitment to addressing sustainability within a structured and specialised framework.

What are the sustainability credentials or ambitions of Alcumus?

Our Sustainability team received some great news recently. Alcumus have achieved validation for our SBTi targets, a significant step toward our Net Zero goal. These 2030 targets play a crucial role in our path to reach Net Zero by 2050. Additionally, Steve has also promised us a sweet deal on the Planet Mark accreditation!

Our commitment to sustainability just got a significant boost with the addition of Planet Mark to our family. This strategic expansion is not only a positive opportunity for Planet Mark but also provides an opportunity to strengthen our products and services across other divisions. It’s a move that’s creating a real buzz, especially in our ISOQAR division. ISOQAR specialises in certification services for a number of ISO standards, and your expertise at Planet Mark can help strengthen our propositioning in our existing products, where we have seen a huge call for sustainability. Admittedly, our approach in the sustainability market has been a bit on the light side, and this acquisition will help recalibrate our stance and rethink how we position ourselves in the market.  The potential for shared support, knowledge and growth over all divisions is huge, and the excitement around here is genuine. I really hope you’re excited too!

What are your goals for the future of Planet Mark as a division of Alcumus?

We envision Planet Mark playing a pivotal role in our sustained success. Our focus is on integrating Planet Mark’s capabilities effectively, contributing to our overall commitment to responsible business practices and reinforcing our leadership in the sustainability sector. Simultaneously, Planet Mark’s integration into Alcumus offers access to a wider network and increased resources, fostering innovation and expanding market reach. This strategic collaboration reinforces Alcumus’s commitment to responsible business practices, solidifying us as a sustainability leader while also positioning Planet Mark for accelerated growth within a larger ecosystem.

Looking to the next decade of action for Planet Mark

Hi Steve, after 10 years of Planet Mark why was this acquisition the right way forward for the business?

When we founded Planet Mark back in 2013, I set out to help businesses play a part in building a more sustainable future and prove that, by doing so, they could be a driving force for positive change. Ten years on, we have proven this and more, highlighting that business and sustainability work hand in hand.

We’ve had an incredible 10 years and achieved a lot as a business. But as we approached our 10th anniversary, we understood that our work now must be accelerated at this pivotal moment in climate change. We can do more, so we must do more.

To achieve our vision for a brighter future at scale, we required a partner who could help us amplify our impact while enabling Planet Mark to maintain its core, the truly special elements – our people, our culture, and our purpose. 

This new venture does exactly that by providing Planet Mark with vast resources and tools that create unique opportunities for growth and innovation in our industry, with a partner that totally aligns with our mission and values.

What does the acquisition mean and what do you think it will bring to Planet Mark?

For myself and the team at Planet Mark, this is the launch pad we have worked towards to propel the company forward.

Alcumus’s international presence and established history of helping businesses thrive will provide Planet Mark with additional resources, technology and expertise to help us scale our impact successfully and help more organisations get to net zero. Our immediate focus will be investing in our people, technology, and brand to ensure we’re all set up for success

The acquisition by Alcumus is about forging a powerful alliance to accelerate positive change. We can’t wait to unlock the full potential of this partnership; together we are poised to achieve incredible things.

What can Planet Mark members and partners expect from the acquisition, will the service offering change?

Our mission and purpose remains the same. We  are committed to helping our members achieve their sustainability ambitions and ultimately reach net zero, and we will continue to honour our commitments to our partners.

From this partnership, our valued community of members and partners can expect to work business as usual, working with our wonderful team to drive positive action and achieve their sustainability goals. As we work with Alyn and the team at Alcumus, our members and partners can expect to see improved technology solutions and even better service delivery. We will continue to focus on the best of people, technology and nature to help members and partners achieve their goals.

Planet Mark celebrated its 10th year this year, what is your vision for the next decade at Planet Mark?

As we celebrate Planet Mark’s remarkable 10-year journey, I’m thrilled to share our vision for the next decade, a period we’re dedicating to turning a decade of carbon reduction into one of regeneration.

In the coming years, our focus extends beyond carbon emissions and net zero; we’re pushing beyond, certifying businesses as regenerative entities. We’re committed to guiding our members to move from “less bad” to “quantifiably good” through rigorous certification processes, utilising global best practices and evidence-based data to maintain trust and credibility.

Moreover, we will weave biodiversity and nature metrics into the fabric of operations, products, and services and amplify efforts to support businesses globally in achieving social impact measures.

Together, we’re setting a course for a regenerative future — one where people and nature are the heart of business growth. Sustainability isn’t just about doing good; it’s a pathway to thriving businesses.

So what will happen to the senior leadership team, are you going anywhere?

The senior leadership team, alongside myself, are firmly rooted in our commitment to Planet Mark. We are steadfast in our dedication to leading the business forward with the existing team on a larger scale, creating more impact for our members. We’re also thrilled to have new colleagues across the Alcumus group, including Alyn himself, to learn from and lean on as we grow.

Our passion remains as we strive to empower thousands of businesses to create a brighter future, something both us and Alcumus believe is essential to this next phase.

A powerful allegiance to drive impact at scale

There’s clear cultural synergy and shared values between Alcumus and Planet Mark, why was that important?

Alyn: As I mentioned earlier, our shared values and culture synergy played a huge part in our decision to choose Planet Mark, and it’s incredibly important to protect it. I take immense pride in the culture we continue to nurture at Alcumus, and I’m equally protective about preserving it. So, if we didn’t have that alignment that lays the foundation for successful teamwork, employee satisfaction, and the pursuit of shared goals, this partnership would not work. The fact that our company cultures and values fit like a well-crafted puzzle piece is reassuring and sets a solid foundation for a collaborative and successful partnership.

Steve: The significance of our synergy and shared values with Alcumus cannot be overstated. It was crucial to ensure alignment in our pursuits and passions so that we may authentically live out our vision. The initial meeting with the Alcumus team revealed undeniable synchronicity and unmatched chemistry, strengthening our conviction in this partnership.

The shared vision, passion, and the resonance of our culture, values, and mission with theirs provided the confidence that Alcumus is the ideal partner for Planet Mark.

Will Planet Mark change?

Alyn: Change is part of any business’s commitment to improvement, but rest assured, any shifts in Planet Mark align with our shared vision. Our collective mission, focused on sustainability and positive impact, will remain the same. If anything, the integration will naturally scale and amplify the influence of Planet Mark, ensuring a seamless fit within the broader Alcumus group. Rest easy; our dedication to Planet Mark’s mission promises a future where positive impact grows – a very exciting prospect for all of us!

Steve: As a business we will grow and evolve as we look to drive impact at scale. Any change from technology or service developments will only serve to improve our offering and service to our customers and ultimately support their sustainability goals. Our mission remains unchanged; we want to empower businesses to achieve a brighter future. As a division within the Alcumus group, we operate as Planet Mark but share the same overarching vision and will collaborate closely with Alcumus to amplify our impact. Our immediate focus will be investing in our people, technology, and brand to facilitate successful scaling to ensure we can support as many businesses as possible along the way.

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