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How Planet Mark Promotes Employee Wellbeing | Meet Our Wellbeing Committee.

Employee wellbeing has many benefits to organisations and their employees, including reduced risk of burnout and high turnover. Read more to find out how Planet Mark promotes employee wellbeing.

Keisha Sintim-Lewis
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At the centre of any organisation is its people. On average employees will work over 90,000 hours in their lifetime. Proactively supporting your employee’s health and wellness, will not only help you build desirable workplace culture, but you’ll increase employee engagement, productivity and retention, and see a reduction in burnout.

At Planet Mark, we understand our responsibility in supporting our employees’ health and wellness – we want our team to thrive, not just survive, in both their work and personal lives.

How our Wellbeing Committee promotes employee health and wellness

A critical component to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees is our Wellbeing Committee. The committee acts as our employees’ point of contact and expertise for wellbeing. The wellbeing committee provides education, support and advice surrounding employee health and wellness. For example, every month, the committee holds Mindful Monday, an informative session to raise awareness and educate our team on wellbeing strategies that promote mental and physical health.

Our wellbeing committee are all Mental Health First Aiders trained by the Mental Health Charter; trained to help boost employee wellbeing and support their colleagues. As Gold members of the Mental Health Charter, we are committed to positively impacting our employee’s wellbeing.

The committee is dedicated to promoting mental health for our employees, as it is vital to ensuring a happy and healthy team.

Meet the team

Amy Parfitt, Culture and Training Advisor

Amy has hit the ground running in her first year at Planet Mark, using her personal experiences with anxiety as a driver to support the Planet Mark team to open up about their mental health. Amy is passionate about being a part of a committee that acts as a support network and raises awareness. Her goal is to help her colleagues find strategies to incorporate into their professional and personal life to improve their well-being and ensure they thrive.

Matthew Summers, Sustainability Consultant Manager

Matthew has always been a big advocate for wellbeing and mental health. During his time at Planet Mark he’s seen how all-rounded support and openness to the subject has grown. Matthew is proud to be a part of the committee driving this agenda across the organisation.

Bridie Marshall, Senior Account Manager

Bridie jumped at the opportunity to become a Mental Health Aider. Being trained to support others’ wellness and mental health has been an interest of hers since her university studies in sociology. She believes everyone should be equipped with the tools to support themselves and others in the workplace.

Anna DeWinter, Digital Project Manager

Anna is a big believer in the power of opening up and talking to someone to help reduce mental overload. Experiencing first-hand the consequences of not prioritising your mental health at work, Anna is dedicated to promoting team wellbeing. Anna believes that the wellbeing committees are crucial to offer support and lend an ear to each other without judgement and that all organisations should have one.

Rossella Fiorenza, Human Resources Officer

Rossella is passionate about creating a happy and healthy work environment. She believes that prioritising employees’ wellbeing is essential for creating a positive work environment and is honoured to be a part of the wellbeing committee working to make a positive impact on the lives of her colleagues.

Phoebe Armstrong, Engagement Manager

Phoebe feels empowered to be a part of a committee that cares deeply about its employee’s wellbeing and mental health. Since the pandemic, Phoebe has increasingly understood the importance of prioritising her mental health and believes the wellbeing committee provide their counterparts with the opportunity to constantly learn and evolve from each other and their shared experiences.

Employee wellbeing is good for business

A recent study found that a lack of support for employee wellbeing can cost UK employers £7bn in absence costs and up to £29bn in presenteeism costs each year. If organisations miss the mark on supporting their team, it will create a knock-on effect on its operational costs, products and customer service.

Fostering employee wellbeing can prevent stress, fatigue and burnout while promoting a positive working environment.

We’re so proud of our positive work culture and the efforts our wellbeing committee go to to maintain it. Some other ways we promote employee wellness at Planet Mark are:

Access to Perk Box’s Employee Wellness

Through Perkbox, our team can access curated content to help their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Free 121 Counselling Sessions

Our employees can book confidential and structured counselling sessions with a qualified counsellor to discuss complex issues.

Annual Company Wellness

Each year our employees have a wellness day- separate from annual leave. Wellness day is a chance for our team to take time to reset, recharge and come back to work reinvigorated. Learn more about this year’s wellness day here.

Championing employee wellbeing is good for both people and your organisation. A well-rounded employee health and wellbeing strategy supports and promotes employee mental health and creates a culture where staff feel comfortable and supported when opening up about mental health struggles.

Learn more about the Planet Mark Team in our latest blog, Planet Mark’s Strategy Day.

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