Keep on track to reach your Net Zero targets with the Planet Mark Net Zero Governance Framework.

What is Net Zero Governance?

The Planet Mark Net Zero Governance Framework helps organisations confidently track their progress towards net zero by annually reporting and reviewing your organization’s scopes 1,2, and 3 emissions against your net zero reduction plan that is aligned to science-based targets. Our framework enables organisations to credibly communicate their net zero journeys, identify new opportunities and build trust with their stakeholders.

How it works

Our Net Zero Governance and full suite of services guide organisations through the Net Zero Programme to help them establish robust systems, processes and progress reporting to manage their net zero journey.

Business Benefits

  • Cost Saving
    Reduce costs by identifying areas for energy and material efficiency and carbon reduction. Cost savings can also be made from avoiding external costs such as ongoing consultancy fees by upskilling your team on net zero.
  • Stakeholder Confidence
    Our robust verification, report, strategy and external communications support will enable your organisation confidently and credibly talk about your net zero commitments unlocking the trust and loyalty of stakeholders.
  • Attract and Retain Talent
    79% of millennial employees are loyal to companies that care about their effect on society and environment and will increasingly favour employers with progressive ESG credentials.

Why Planet Mark?

Planet Mark is an official Partner of the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign, meaning that net zero targets set with us are automatically recognised by the UN. We also helped to develop the ISO Net Zero Guidelines and have been recognised as a global early-adopter of these best practices. Our full suite of solutions within our Net Zero Programme gives you and your stakeholders confidence in your Net Zero Governance.

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How to measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions

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