Continuous improvement

As we progress through the Decade of Action, each year is critical in implementing sustainable solutions that will help us to achieve carbon reduction targets and ultimately halt the climate crisis. We encourage and support our members in their continual improvements to their own sustainability strategies.

Marked progress

Year-on-year carbon reductions

Through Planet Mark’s unique and rigorous methodology, we measure businesses’ carbon footprint annually (either calendar or financial year) to ensure carbon reduction targets are being met. To achieve certification after year one, we require members to achieve a 2.5% reduction each year.

Global goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals 

We support our members to contribute to additional UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SDG targets. In 2020 we reported on an average of 5 SDGs for each member.

Support on your journey

Recommendations for further improvements

After calculating your carbon footprint, we provide recommendations for how to achieve carbon reduction targets considering areas such as water, waste, travel, staff engagement and carbon offsetting projects.

Assets for your team

Toolkits and resources

We know the power of continual and shared learning in order to drive progress and improvements. That is why we offer our members toolkits and resources; as well as access to webinars and events, to further our positive impact.

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