Real Estate Certifications

We will work together to create buildings that future generations will recognise for pushing boundaries at this critical moment for us and the planet. We are a proud member of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) as part of our ongoing commitment to radically improve sustainability in the real estate sector.

Our commitment

We believe that every building, house or development should have a positive impact on society and the environment, with a clear purpose in meeting the needs of the communities it serves.

It should radically reduce whole life carbon, maximise energy efficiency to reduce unnecessary costs and waste, produce a place to enable healthy and happy living, and be produced to stand the test of time. Find out more about our Real Estate Certifications here.

Design Stage Analysis

construction site building

WE help you to embed sustainability in every stage of your development, starting with design

There are significant carbon reduction and wider sustainability opportunities during the design stage of a development.

Our Design Stage Analysis will promote meaningful early engagement and facilitate the exploration of low carbon design solutions, which can be implemented within the design to help create more sustainable developments and communities.

From critical design reviews and workshops, to providing support for planning applications, we are there to help every step of the way.

Development Certification

Kids at Planet Mark certified school

WE provide a clear breakdown of your development’s carbon footprint

Planet Mark Development Certification requires the measurement and reduction of whole-life carbon emissions, engagement of the supply chain and the inclusion of the local community. In this way, every building from its design through to its operation can combat climate change, support biodiversity and contribute to the society that it serves.

Engagement of the supply chain and inclusion of the local community is embedded within the Development Certification, which involves supporting local schools to achieve Planet Mark certification themselves, together with curriculum-linked workshops and assemblies delivered by our partner, the Eden Project.

Updates to our Development Scheme

Fit Out Certification

Planet Mark Property Certification

WE  measure the whole-life carbon savings of your fit out

Our Fit Out Certification requires the measurement and reduction of embodied and operational carbon of the material and design decisions. The LCA is conducted by a Planet Mark approved LCA consultant and provides a clear, digestible breakdown of your fit out carbon footprint against a national baseline. Third party verification from Planet Mark adds rigour to the LCA calculation.

Where the Fit Out Certification is applied after a Development Certification, a cumulative report will be provided, bringing together the base build and fit out carbon impacts and reductions.

Property Certification

Banner outside Planet Mark certified building

WE support you in making annual operational carbon reductions

Our Property Certification quantifies a development’s ongoing operational carbon footprint and sets annual reduction targets. In doing so, we help you to engage and upskill staff onsite in sustainability and running their buildings more efficiently.

We also support communicating sustainability commitments and achievements internally and externally.

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