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Building Trust Through Certification: Sleepeezee Path to Responsible Manufacturing

With an ambition to weave sustainability into their business, Sleepeezee, the high-quality bedmakers, set out to reduce its environmental impact with Planet Mark in 2019. Since then, Sleepeezee has made positive social and environmental contributions, donating over £200,000 to local and national charities and reducing their carbon footprint by 50%.

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Since 1942, Sleepeezee has used time-honoured techniques to make handmade beds fit for comfort. With continuous innovation, Sleepeezee is leading the furniture manufacturing industry with its mattresses of quality and finesse.

Committed to being a responsible manufacturer, Sleepeezee has embarked on a sustainability journey focusing on reducing its carbon footprint, responsibly sourcing materials and investing in regeneration to support a thriving planet.

Key Statistics:

  • Planet Mark certified – Year Four
  • Halved their total carbon footprint
  • Donated over £200,000 to local and national charities

Services included: Business Certification.

A shared want for change

From Sleepeezee’s team to their customers and wholesalers, the bed makers identified a rising interest in their sustainability efforts and their contribution to climate action. Searching for the best path to becoming more environmentally responsible and meeting stakeholder interests, Sleepeezee set out to build a credible sustainability strategy.

Sleepeezee was introduced to Planet Mark by the Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA). Seeing our positive work supporting other RWHA holders to take positive steps driving sustainable action, they decided to join our thriving community of members.

Community Impact and Sustainability

Four years in, Sleepeezee has halved its carbon footprint and made tremendous contributions to its community and wider society.

The bedmakers found ease in kickstarting their sustainability journey with access to Planet Marks online community for members. With access to the community, Sleepeezee connected and collaborated with other members, resulting in new carbon initiatives to embed into their operations.

“I’d say it’s like a guiding hand. It is really helpful to have everyone I’ve spoken to really knowledgeable on the subject.” – Andrew Renee, Health and Safety and Sustainability Manager at Sleepeezee Limited.

Fostering Confidence with Certification: Sleepeezee’s Pioneering Path

In this short period of time, Sleepeezee has accelerated its sustainable efforts and, in turn, driven impressive carbon and cost savings.

With our business certification, the company can confidently speak to its work as a responsible manufacturer – actively working to decarbonise its operations. 

Customers, wholesalers and retailers can confidently invest in Sleepeezee, with the assurance that they’re making an environmentally sound decision and working with Planet Mark, a credible sustainability certifier.

A remarkable journey towards carbon efficiency and renewable power

Sleepeezee started its decarbonisation journey by tackling its energy use. As a conscious manufacturer, energy efficiency was critical to Sleepeezee’s sustainability strategy. 

Sleepeezee transitioned towards greater energy efficiency by switching to 100% renewable energy – with 25% generated by on-site solar panels. The solar panel installation has helped them significantly reduce their electricity bill. 

Continuing to improve their energy use, Sleepeezee invested in destratification fans to build a more efficient heating system and switched to LED lighting in their factory. The shift to LED lighting has helped Sleepeezee save 46 tonnes of carbon each year – enough for 40 return flights from London to New York.

Charging ahead: electrifying fleet and redefining fossil fuel reliance

Sleepeezee has been working towards limiting its reliance on fossil fuels and has made considerable progress by purchasing three electrical fork trucks. Also, all its Director’s and sales team cars are EVs or plug-in Hybrids. 

Empowering communities and creating social value

Sleepeezee’s sustainability and social value initiatives extend beyond their factory walls. In 2019, they contributed over £200,000 to local and national charities by donating with every bed purchase. 

They have has also planted over 600 trees around the UK, including in local schools, to help inspire future generations to protect the environment and sustainability.

Sleepeezee commitment to sustainability has helped them make a transformative change in their business. From reducing their carbon emissions to becoming more energy efficient, their continuous growth has set a precedent in their industry of what a responsible manufacturer looks like.

Their work to support environmental and social issues is a testament to their dedication to the fight against climate change. 

Follow in Sleepeezee’s remarkable steps with business certification today.

Follow in Sleepeezee’s remarkable steps with business certification today.
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