Zero Carbon Solutions

This critical period between 2020 and 2030, the Decade of Action, requires bold and ambitious commitments to tackle the climate crisis, and that means shifting to net zero carbon. No matter what stage in your net zero journey you are on, from committing to a target to creating the action plan needed to get there, we’re here to support you.

Net Zero Carbon Essentials Workshop

This workshop is designed to help businesses feel confident in their first steps towards a net zero commitment. As well as introducing the concept of net zero, the workshop will showcase why it is an urgent business priority.

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Net Zero Action Plan

Available to Planet Mark members, this programme gives business leaders the tools and knowledge to create a credible and robust net zero carbon action plan that is reviewed by our certification team. This is followed up with annual workshops to discuss progress against the action plan encouraging continuous improvements.


The ZeroBy30 programme goes beyond Planet Mark certification targets. It sets absolute reduction goals to reach net zero carbon by 2030 through a transformational action plan. You will be able to reduce your Scope 1 and 2 direct emissions to zero carbon, and Scope 3 indirect emissions by a minimum of 50% and then balance the remaining carbon through exceptional carbon removal schemes.

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Our Zero Carbon Solutions