Accelerating sustainable solutions with JustOne

A unique collaboration to accelerate sustainable solutions for businesses at a critical moment in human history

Dave Carlos
Planet Mark and Just One Partnership
Planet Mark, JustOne UK Partner
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Aimed at delivering expert sustainability advice for all, Planet Mark has partnered with specialist business consultants JustOne. This alliance will help many businesses of any size, in any sector, make real long-term progress in what the UN has termed “The Decade of Action”; a global call for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges. Their combined capability dovetails robust carbon and social measurement with easily accessible strategic advice, normally reserved for large global companies with big budgets.

Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet Mark, said, “The world is at a social and environmental tipping point and I believe vital action by businesses can accelerate us in the right direction. Now more than ever, businesses need to increase their sustainability ambitions, not only to create a thriving planet and a flourishing society, but to build resilience against unknown challenges. JustOne has been able to help several of our members to understand their purpose and set bold long-term goals, that make strategic sense to them. Our two companies hold the same beliefs and values, so we are delighted to continue in our partnership with JustOne.”

Grounded in achieving business benefits for clients, JustOne uses a holistic approach to create total value for people, planet, and profit.

Dave Carlos, Managing Director of JustOne, has said, “We have worked hard to bring methodologies created for some of the biggest companies in the world to a simple model that can help any sized business. Our method removes the “scatter-gun” approach to sustainability planning and focuses resources on where they will create the most value for individual business. We know that companies who approach sustainability in a strategic way not only outperform their competitors, they can quickly adapt their business to survive and thrive through any crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to future-proof their company no matter what comes their way. I’m looking forward to working closely with Planet Mark members and sparking positive change in every sector.”

At the start of 2020, Planet Mark launched their Decade of Action campaign which saw many companies sign up to their accreditation and start planning their sustainability strategies. Winch Design was the first of several members to work with JustOne last year.

Aino Grapin, CEO at Winch Design, said, “There is urgency in acting, so we at Winch Design are putting sustainability at the forefront of what we do. We see Planet Mark as much more than an accreditation for us, it is being able to partner with professionals who can take us beyond just a ‘tick the box exercise’. Together, we have delved deep into the way we do business. We’ve looked not only at our achievements to date but also where we can do better, then defined the journey from now on.”

Acting as interim Head of Communications at Planet Mark in 2019, Dave Carlos gained a detailed insight into their members’ businesses and saw an opportunity to advance their sustainability thinking and help make meaningful changes from the inside out. The JustOne team are Ambassadors of Planet Mark and they are welcoming all businesses to become members of Planet Mark community and start their strategic journey.

About JustOne

JustOne is a passionate sustainability consultancy on a mission to transform the world, one business at a time. The JustOne team believes every person and every business has the power to change the world for the better.

They provide corporate and sustainability services focusing on Purpose, Strategy, Communications, Social Value, Reporting, Training and Stakeholder Engagement.

By fostering a culture of collaboration, JustOne has succeeded in enabling businesses across multiple sectors take action to address some of the world’s biggest problems and spark positive change.

For more information visit their website or contact them on LinkedIn.