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Accelerating Roadchef’s sustainability journey through ESOS

Learn how Planet Mark’s ESOS services helped one of the leading roadside services operators in the UK achieve cost savings and accelerate its sustainability journey.

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The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requires large organisations in the UK to undertake mandatory energy audits every four years to identify, review and implement potential energy efficiency measures.

Completing an ESOS audit on time means businesses avoid financial penalties, and what’s more, they could uncover energy efficiency and cost saving opportunities.

Conducting an energy audit for a UK-wide business

It’s not an easy feat going through an ESOS energy audit, even harder when you have over 30 locations across the country like our valued member, Roadchef.

Already three years into their carbon reduction journey with Planet Mark, Roadchef has made great strides in reducing their Carbon footprint by 4.4%.

As one of the leading roadside service area operators in the UK, Roadchef welcomes more than 52 million customers every year across 30 different locations on the motorway across the country. They provide facilities and services that offer a relaxing and refreshing break during a journey.

To accelerate their sustainability journey, Roadchef approached Planet Mark to assist with upcoming ESOS Phase 3 audits. They wanted the experience and guidance of a partner they could trust to help  them make meaningful and drastic cuts to their gas and energy reductions across their sites.

Uncovering Energy savings through ESOS

As a roadside service operator with multiple sites that are dependent on energy and water usage, reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions is a challenge for Roadchef, and the wider industry at large.  

Our team got to work, starting with in-depth energy audits, which uncovered multiple energy savings for Roadchef. We provided ROIs for a variety of decarbonisation projects from considering alternatives to gas and implementing solar panels to improving the sustainability of Roadchef’s energy sources. Our team carefully balanced these outcomes, so they aligned with the strategic direction and priorities of the business to ensure they remain commercially resilient.

Staying ahead of the curve on the path to net zero

Roadchefs, ESG & Charity Manager, Mike Jackson was thrilled with the outcome. “Planet Mark’s experience in energy audits meant that they were able to advise us on our discussions with energy partners and were incredibly responsive during the tender process. We are proud to be working closely with Planet Mark to ensure we are on track for our 2040 net zero target.

The ESOS audit has provided Roadchef with a range of benefits including significant savings on their energy bills, something plaguing UK businesses right now. They are now tackling their Scope 1 and 2 emissions head-on, reducing their carbon emissions and even committing to removing gas from all of their sites to reduce their Scope 1 emissions and reach their net zero target.

The findings of the ESOS audit, which includes detailed site audit information, have been embedded into Roadchef’s net zero and business strategy and will be integral to them achieving their 2040 net zero target.

So, with the UK Government’s 2050 net zero target in mind, it looks like Roadchef is miles ahead.

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