Our sustainability

Since our inception in 2012, we have put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We believe that we must all work together to halt the climate crisis and embrace sustainability, and Planet Mark members share this common purpose.

Our commitment

Our sustainability strategy “Make the World of Difference” brings all our sustainability activity together in one plan, thereby enabling us to be more agile to change and understand the interconnectivity between our environmental, social and economic impacts as a whole. This way, we will achieve greater business benefits and a greater positive impact in the world; this is what we call, Total Value. 

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Our sustainability strategy, vision and goals 

The world is at a social and environmental tipping point, so our contribution to creating a thriving planet requires bigger aspirations and urgent action. This is why we are setting an ambitious vision to make Planet Mark the most easily recognised sign of progress in sustainability.

To make this happen we have set 25 ambitious 2024 goals, aligned to the global SDGs. We know there will be bumps along the way, so setting targets on a yearly basis will give us the freedom within our framework to adjust our tactics with agility and ensure we are doing everything we can to achieve these long-term goals. 

Our 2024 ongoing goals

Company culture and inclusivity 

Create a sustainable lifestyles toolkit and provide resources for employees to embrace it. 

Transition to net zero carbon 

Ensure Planet Mark achieves net zero carbon by 2030 using the Zeroby30 programme. 

Walking the Talk 

Maintain the highest data quality score (20 points) with Planet Mark Certification and improve the capture of qualitative data/stories.

Innovation and digital transformation 

Achieve the goals of our Digital 
Transformation Project. 

Access to the profession 

Widen the access to the sustainability profession by creating a collaborative programme. 

Engaging the Planet Mark community 

Increase the presence of Planet Mark internationally. 

Social Justice

Create a Social Justice Charter for our business and encourage our Members to join. 


Support the UK to deliver a regenerative economy through our services, communications, and collaborations.

The circular economy and zero waste

Support the UK’s transition to a circular economy through our workplaces, services and communications.

Research and education 

Demonstrate thought leadership on identified key sustainability issues.

Biodiversity and building a connection with nature 

Create a “Connection with Nature” toolkit and distribute this to all members and our wider communities.

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Net zero emissions 

Planet Mark has offset carbon emissions equivalent to twice its operational carbon footprint by purchasing nine CO2 offsets and planting an additional 100 trees with a Gold Standard portfolio.

We’re also committed to completing our own Zeroby30 programme and will be net zero no later than 2030. 

Our environmental impact
Net Zero Essentials Workshop

Looking forward  

Our sustainability strategy is in constant development as we seek to push the boundaries of sustainable business. As such, we measure and re-evaluate our sustainability goals every year. This year, a new more encompassing declaration on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was created to embed DEI performance indicators into all of our work.

From January 2022, Planet Mark is dedicated to supporting an external charity that is selected by our employees. 

Download our 2023 impact report 

We’re excited to share the progress we’ve been making alongside our members and the highlights of all the good our community has been doing this past year.

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How to measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions

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